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1. one night stand?

The door of my small apartment slammed open and we stumbled in, our lips still locked to each other's. Niall pushed me up against the wall and lifted me up. I swung my legs round his waste as he started to pull up my dress. I lifted my arms and let the silk slide off. Niall carried me into the living room an threw me down, I started giggling and he flashed a cheeky smile as he climbed on top of me. I grabbed his shirt and tore it off feeling his muscles I looked up and gave him a passionate kiss. He got of me while he unbuttoned his trousers and stepped out of them. I got up and started kissing his neck, slowly sliding down his chest, I got to the top of his boxer and pulled it down, revealing a very thick long shaft, I grabbed it and licked the tip, sucking on it, not breaking eye contact with him. Niall started groaning "don't tease me lily!" He cried. As soon as he said that I stuck it all in my mouth. Surprisingly I have no gag reflects, must be all the practise I get! I started moving my head back and forth, Niall clutching my hair I licked round the edges he thrusted " lily I-im going to cum" as soon as he said that I took it out. Looked up and smiled. His face looked sad and puzzled as the same time "what the fuck?" He said. I got up and started laughing. "What?!" He said. I ignored him and pushed onto the arm chair behind him, he started chuckling as are mouths twined. He moved his hands from my ass and up to my back in strapping my bra. I let it drop off and I flung it across the room. He started rubbing my breast and sucking at my nipples making me moan. I stood up and slowly took of my pants, letting him marvel at my body. Ok so I know I have a good body, I mean I'm not trying to be cocky but I do. I got into his lap and let him feel up my body as I sat with my head back. He started at my breast and went lower and lower, feeling up my clit and started to groan. I got feel his erection on my thigh "want some more" I whispered in his ear. He kissed my neck and I knew that was a yes, I alined my self and moved down, slipping his shaft slowly into me, we both groaned with the pleasure, I started getting faster, tangling my fingers in his hair, I tilted my head back and screeched in the pleasure. Niall spins me around so that he was on top of me and started thrusting into me, the pain and the pleasure was so good and I pulled my self up. He kissed my chest still thrusting.

It went on for a whole lot longer

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