The Life of Mangolia Marie Alexander

This story is about a girl. Who's life is filled very weird stories. In the end she learns why her prince kissed her. Or did he? What happend? Find out in this really strange story.


1. The Begining

      There we were. Where? I have no particular idea. There was no car sounds. Infact there were no sounds at all. The smell of nature over powerd my nose. Chills shot up my spine. As I opened my eyes I couldn't believer what I seen. Yes, it was him. The dreamy Chandler. He was the most popular guy in school,and I can't believe he just kissed me. Not the simple best friend kiss on the cheek, but a passionate boyfriend kiss. He lips were like snowflakes when they touch yours you jump, until it set there then it was a great feeling. I just can't believe he would kiss me. I'm the uglyiest girl in school, yet he kissed me! Or did he?

    I looked up into his gorgeous blue eyes. His golden brown hair fell slightly across his eyes. His bone structer was just glorious.Chandler looked at me,and I gazed back at his. In that moment I was paralized. I, Mangolia know I love him, but I can't help to think that hes just using me.

    His eyes lifted to mine.

 And he said " Mangolia, you are gorgeous. Im very glad I got to meet you, and leaving you is the last thing I would ever want to do. A gift I want to give you is my heart. Never leave me. Promise?".

    Was he serious? Should I.I love him, and really I wasn't to promise,but I can't help to think this isn't real.

" Ever leave you well hoe could I? You are everything anyone would want. I would never let you leave. I promise to do everthing to keep you".

   After that I began to think how all of this had happend. I mean im not the best girl in school yet he choose me. I am going to travel through my life to see how all of this happend. I mean there has to be a big band that made me like this. Tomarrows graduation. Wow I can't believe I get to live my dreams, and with him. So here goes nothing.....

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