Alex and the secret of Darkness

this is about a great explorer called Alex and has a friend who was a ex-war colonel and also has a pet snow leopard called lola. he has found out that he processes a good and a bad secret and also has to decided to fight his inner-evil


10. The final ending

“Well that was a fun adventure lets go for another,” said Captain James “but what are we looking for Adam because I know where these things are just by looking up the history and the facts on a computer.”

“I know you can, but we have to get a signal on where the archer and my evil sprit are.”

“Well that’s easy because I put a tracker on them so we are always on step ahead of them and we know how to finally defeat them.

“Fine stand there and I will give you some of my power so even if I lose it will still come back to me and I wont even feel it."

“Hello General Fury what is the matter.”

“The problem is why are you invading Earth when you’re in the helicarrier.” “ Well the answer to that question is that THE WAR OF THE WORLDS IS ABOUT TO BEGIN GENERAL FURY.” “So get some of your S.H.E.I.L.D agents protecting these people also to send them to these locations where your men need to be on stand by with enough fire power to send the archer and my evil sprit through the portal so that we don’t destroy half the city. “Ok Adam, I hope you know what your doing.”

“Thor call the avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black widow.”

“Ok Adam we must be careful at this creature though because he fade away into the shadows.” That’s not a problem anymore because my long-lost sister Chloe has got these night vision goggles to help us see when the archer fades away. Also guys leave my evil self because he’s mine.

“Finally the wait is over, its time for you to power evil Adam but we need Adam away from the other superheroes because with them lot he is to powerful.”

“That will be easier said than done.”

“Oh will it now then if you think it is switch bodies with me and I will do it myself.”

“We need more power to save us he is to strong to defeat its like the archer has suddenly learnt all my moves and powers and where’s my evil sprit.Oh no the archer has killed my evil sprit and sucked it into his soul so he has more darkness than ever inside him.”

“There is no way for beating me Adam I am more powerful than ever and I haven’t even started yet so this is your mind wow what a wonderful place now this what your looking for the eternity ring well now I know everything from your birth right up to now Adam.”

“That is impossible because my mind has a seal lock on it so no one can get in.”

“You may think that but I am pure evil and I can see every mind in the universe.”

“And now you die Adam this is the end to your world and the Hero Realm because the darkness is always the best.”

“Well what if this were to happen”

“And what’s that”

“A portal from the Hero Realm and also this with the power of all human, creature or super being shall have any power of Darkness or always Darkness shall either be forbidden from this world or die by the oath of all superheroes. May we be free of darkness and power so that this golden light should send across the world.”












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