i can treat you better ➳ [n.h love story]

Allie Bentley is a sophomore in college. Near the end of her freshman year of college, she met her boyfriend Jonah McCarthy. Jonah has a reputation for being a player. Allie started to fall for him, and next thing you know she moved in his house. Once she moved in he started to become controlling and abusive. Her best friend Rose, who has been her best friend her whole life, doesn't like Jonah at all and believes that he is bad for her. But, Allie tries her hardest to look past his flaws. He loves her & she loves him. Niall Horan is a tattooed outcast. He lives with his best friends Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. Niall has never been in love before because he hasn't found the perfect girl. But, when he first sets eyes on Allie everything changes. What happens when Niall sets his eyes on Allie? Will he be able to save her from Jonah? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


4. Chapter 4.

Allie's POV :)

        Even after we are far away from the boys' and Rose, Jonah continues to hold my arm.
        Very tightly.

        He hasn't said one word. Not one word at all.

        I feel the blood leaving my arm. My arm is starting to become numb.

        Once we make it to our next class, which is math, Jonah takes us to the last row of seats in the back of the room.

        He lets go of my arm.

        I obey him because I don't want to cause anymore problems. He is already pissed off enough.

        The entire class period goes by slow. 

        I can feel Jonah's anger radiating off of him.

        Finally the bell rings and I feel relieved.

        Jonah leans over my desk and whispers in my ear.

        "Meet me in the lobby. Right at the end of school. Don't be fucking late. Don't make me come after you."

        His harsh tone makes me shiver.

        His voice is full of pure hatred and aggressiveness.

        Jonah storms out of the room. Leaving me alone in the classroom.

        I stand up from my desk.
        My legs feel like jelly.

        Luckily this period is lunch, so I have time to chill.

        I walk out into the hallway and find Rose waiting for me.

        "Ready?" she asks happily.

        Rose and I link arms and make our way towards the cafeteria.

        We find the farthest table away from everyone in the cafeteria.

        Rose and I both sit across from each other.

        "Al you have to tell me what's up. What happened earlier?"

        I really don't want to tell her. I don't want her to be worried about me. I am okay.


        "Clearly "nothing" happened Al. You were crying your eyeballs out and you had a bruise forming on your face the size of China. Tell me what happened."

        "Nothing Rose. I'm okay. I'm just fine."

        "Do you not want to tell me because you are scared of Jonah?"

        Yes. Yes that is why. I want to shout at her. But, I can't bring myself to do it.


        "Then what the fuck is it Allie?" she shouts. "I'm trying to help you."

        "He was mad at me. I deserved it. I deserved to get slapped. It was my fault."

        "Al, it probably wasn't your fault at all. He doesn't love you Al. When are you going to get it? I have never seen you so sad in my life and I have known you for basically my whole life. I know everything about you. But, you are not the same Allie anymore."

        It's true. 

        I'm not myself anymore.

        I'm not happy with life anymore. 

        I hate it.

        Jonah has beat the life out of me.

        But, somehow I am still his girlfriend.

        "You need to leave Jonah, Allie. For good."

        My heart stops beating at the sound of her words.

        I love Jonah.

        I know he may be an ass sometimes.

        But, he can be very sweet at times...just not lately.

        "Are you scared of him?" Rose asks me.

        "No I'm no-"

        "Well then what is it Al? Huh?"

        "I'm in l-"

        "I'm in love with him!" I yell at her.

        Tears start to run down my cheeks.

        "I can't just fucking leave him Rose. I'm in fucking love with him. But, you would never know what it feels like because you have never been loved by anyone in your life. Not even your fucking parents," I spit at her.

        Rose's eyes begin to water.

        "Rose loo-"

        "Don't. Fucking save it Al. I hope you fucking survive being with Jonah," she spits at me.

        She picks up her bag and looks at me one last time.

        A tear runs down her cheek.

        Then she storms off.

        Leaving me by myself at the lunch table.

        Now everyone is staring.

        "What the fuck is everyone looking at?" I growl.

        Everyone kind of frowns at me and continues with their business.

        I have to leave.

        I walk out to the courtyard behind the school.

        I find a tree and sit underneath it.

        I used to come here all the time last year while skipping classes.

        I've been through too much today.

        I'm not fucking going back to class.  

        The tears spill out of my eyes.

        What have I done?

        I am such a horrible friend.

        I shouldn't have said that to Rose.
        I didn't mean it at all.

        Back when me and Rose were 12, we were walking home from the bus stop. She lived right down the street from me. I was going to spend the night at her house that night. It was a cloudy day. It looked like it was about to storm. Once we reached her house, Rose pulled out her house key from her backpack. She unlocked the door and pushed the door open.

        "Mom? Dad?" she yelled.
        There was no response. 

        Rose looked in front of her and saw a note taped to the wall.

        She walked towards the wall and ripped the note off of the wall.

        Tears began to fall down her cheeks.

        "They can't be gone," she whispered. "They can't be gone!"

        Rose ran out of her house and I followed her.

        It was raining hard out now.

        She was running on the sidewalk, and I was trying my hardest to keep up with her.

        Suddenly she fell and landed in a puddle.

        She started to cry hysterically.

        I knelt down beside her and held her in my arms.

        "Where did they go Rose?" I asked.
        "They're gone. They left me. They don't love me," she sobbed.

        "Shhh. It's okay," I reassured her.

        Rose sobbed into my shirt. We were soaked now. But, I didn't care. I was helping my friend. My best-friend.

        "C'mon, let's go to my house."

        I help Rose out of the puddle and we walk to my house with the rain pouring down.

        (present day)

        I will never forget that. Seeing my best friend like that was the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. Her parents just left her, with no explanation at all. They just left her. But, that was the day that Rose moved into my house. We became closer than ever. And now we go to college together. But, she lives in a dorm on campus.

        I put my head on my knees and sigh.

        What have I done?

Niall's POV :)

        Time for the last period of the day-Chemistry 101.

        I walk into the classroom and see Rose sitting in the back of the room.

        I sit next to her.

        She looks pissed off.

        "What's wrong Rose?" I ask her.

        "Nothing Horan."

        "Are you sure?"

        "Yes. Now shut up."

        I don't say another word to her for the rest of the class period.

        She sniffles all through the class period.

        Clearly something is wrong. But, it's not any of my business.

        The bell rings and I basically run out of the classroom.

        I am free.

        Well today wasn't as bad of a day as I thought it was going to be.

        I start walking into through the hallway to meet up with the guys at the entrance of the school.

        Suddenly, I feel someone run into me.

        The person falls on the ground.

        I look down at the ground and I see Allie.

        "Are you okay?" I ask her.

        She looks kinda phased, like something else is occupying her mind right now.

        "Yeah, I'm fine."

        She stands back up and practically sprints away from me.

        Where is she going in such a hurry?
Author's note :)

        So what do you think is going to happen with Rose and Allie? Also the boys' will be involved in the story more as it progresses. Especially Harry *wink, wink* ;) I hope ya liked this chapter & leave a comment below if ya wanna :) <3 btw, follow me on twitter @amor_narry too! I follow back :)

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