i can treat you better ➳ [n.h love story]

Allie Bentley is a sophomore in college. Near the end of her freshman year of college, she met her boyfriend Jonah McCarthy. Jonah has a reputation for being a player. Allie started to fall for him, and next thing you know she moved in his house. Once she moved in he started to become controlling and abusive. Her best friend Rose, who has been her best friend her whole life, doesn't like Jonah at all and believes that he is bad for her. But, Allie tries her hardest to look past his flaws. He loves her & she loves him. Niall Horan is a tattooed outcast. He lives with his best friends Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis. Niall has never been in love before because he hasn't found the perfect girl. But, when he first sets eyes on Allie everything changes. What happens when Niall sets his eyes on Allie? Will he be able to save her from Jonah? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


28. Chapter 28.

Allie's POV :)

        "Jonah," I cough out.

        I step out onto the porch and shut the door behind me.
        "What the fuck are you doing here?" I hiss at him.

        "Just coming to visit you of course," he says smiling at me. He was creepily smiling at me. What the hell?

        "Stop fucking looking at me like that," I growl at him. He laughs at me. "What the hell is so funny?" He continues to laugh at me.

        "Oh nothing," he says. "It's just that you think you can talk to me anyway you want to," he says seriously. I want to slap him so bad right now.

        "You know what? Leave fucking right now before I call the police. "

        "Okay, okay Al. Calm down. I just wanted to know how you were doing since you fucking left me," he growled.

        "First of all, don't fucking call me Al," I spit at him. "Second of all, yes I fucking did leave you because you are a fucking dick. Lastly, like I said before you need to fucking leave right now. Your lucky that Niall isn't out here because he would absolutely kill you."

        Jake turns away from me and walks toward his car. "This isn't the last time you'll be seeing me Allie. I'll see ya later," he says and then he winks at me. I almost vomit in my mouth. I can't believe I ever fucking loved him. Jonah pulls out the driveway and smiles at me before he leaves. The door opens behind me and my mom has a worried look on my face.

        "Who was at the door sweetheart?" she asks.

        "Oh no one. Just someone from school."

        "Oh okay," my mom says walking into the house. I follow her inside and shut the door behind me. I feel like I have a disgusted look on my face now. I walk back into the kitchen and sit down next to Niall.

        "You okay?" he whispers in my ear. I nod my head and give him a small smile. I don't wanna ruin the rest of the time I am going to spend with my parents. I take a deep breath and erase all my thoughts about Jonah, and I try to forget that I even saw him tonight.

        "You guys ready for desert?" my mom ask.
        We all nod our heads. I take a bite of chocolate cake and I temporarily forget everything and I enjoy the rest of my time with my family.

        "Bye Mom. Bye Dad," I say hugging them both.

        "Bye sweetheart," my mom says. "We love you."

        "I love you guys too." 

        Niall walks up to my mom and gives her a hug. "Thank you for everything Mrs. Bentley," he says. 

        "No problem sweetheart." Niall walks over to my dad and they start to talk. My mom pulls me towards her again and starts to whisper in my ear.

        "You've got yourself a keeper there Al," she whispers. "And he's cute too," she giggles. I laugh at my mom.

        "Yeah, he's not going anywhere. I can feel it."

        "Well he's a nice boy. I really like him Allie." I smile at my mom. I'm glad that my parents seem to like Niall. It proves that he is an amazing guy in other people's eyes. He is truly amazing. Niall walks over to me and holds my hand. We start to walk towards the car. We both sit in the car and Niall starts the engine. Before we pull off, we wave at my parents one last time. My vision starts to blur. I'm such a baby ha. But, I love my parents. They have always been there for me. A tear falls down my cheek and I wipe it away. I turn and look at Niall and he is smiling at me.

        "I can see why you love them so much," he says.

        "Yeah," I sniffle. "I really, really love them. They seem to love you too." I smile at him. "See I told you that you had nothing to worry about."

        "Yeah you were right, " he says. "I really liked them."

        "Well that's what I was hoping for," I say. "Did you have a nice time?" I ask.

        "I absolutely did," he says flashing his beautiful smile at me. "Did you?" he laughs.
        Suddenly thoughts of Jonah rush back into my mind. I close my eyes trying to forget them. But, nope that doesn't work. "Umm...yeah I had a...great time," I mumble.

        "It sure doesn't seem like it," he laughs. "What's wrong?" I guess he could tell that something was wrong by the look on my face. I try to look happier by smiling at him.

        "Oh nothing," I say happily or at least try to. "I'm just a little tired." I fake yawn trying to end our conversation. I'm going to have to tell him sometime that Jonah stopped by. I guess I'll tell him when we get home. 

        "Well you can take a nap if you wanna," he says. "I'll wake you up when we get home."

       I turn over and slowly close my eyes.

        I open my eyes and see Niall looking at me. I'm now in the bed lying on top of the comforter. "I didn't wanna wake you up so I just carried you up here," he says smiling at me. I smile at him and sit up. I've gotta tell him now. I have to.

        "Niall I have to tell you something," I say sleepily. Gosh I'm tired. Niall sits down next to me and looks at me straight in the eyes. "So you know how there was someone at the door at my parents' house right?" He nods his head. "Well it was Jonah," I say. Niall's eyes grow big and he places his hands over his face.

        "How did he know where we were Allie?" he mumbles.

        "I have no idea," I sigh. "He's never met my parents before nor has he ever gone to their house." Niall pulls his hands away from his face and looks at me again. "He told me something too," I whisper.

        "What did he say?" Niall says angrily. He is clenching his fists right now.

        "Well he said that I will see him again," I say. "It was like he was threatening me," I whisper. 

        I look up at Niall and his face is solid. "He is not going to touch you," he says through his teeth. "If he does I will beat the crap out of him." Niall starts to bite his lip. 

        "I know. Don't get too worked up about it Niall," I say. "As long as you're here with me I'll be okay." I grab Niall's face in my hands and I kiss him softly on the lips. I can feel him calming down as I kiss him. I rest my forehead against his and sigh. I get up and walk to the dresser and pull out a t-shirt and some shorts and slip them on. I jump back on the bed and burry myself under the covers and close my eyes. A couple minutes later I feel the other side of the bed shift as Niall sits down on it. He slips underneath the covers and moves next to me. He slips his arm around my waist and kisses me. I am instantly consumed by the warmth of his body.

        "Goodnight beautiful," he whispers in my ear. I nuzzle my head into the crook of his neck.

        For some reason Jonah's words pop back into my head. 

        This isn't the last time you'll be seeing me Allie.

        His words keep on replaying in my head like they are on a tape recorder. Should I be scared? Terrified? I have no clue. 
        No fucking clue at all...

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