One Direction Imagines ♡


2. sameerah ♡

*your pov*

I walk into my English classroom and take a seat in the front row. My teacher, Mr. Styles, wants to punish my by placing my in the very front seat. In. Front. Of. His. Desk. But lucky for me, he is very, very attractive.

"Good afternoon Sameerah" he says, looking into my eyes with his piercing emerald ones.

"Good afternoon Mr. Styles" I say a little more flirtatious than I intended to. He smirks and turns to the chalkboard. I blush and start to copy down what he writes. I begin to wonder if he's single. I see no ring on his finger. But he could have a girlfriend. Or a fiancé. Or he could be gay. No. He seems to definitely be straight. Hmmm. What could keep this extremely young and attract-

"Sameerah, I asked you a question." Mr. Styles snaps me out of my daze.

I blush, "Sorry what was it?" He shakes his head.

"Stay after class." He simply says. I sigh and look down. After the bell rings, I stay in my seat. The last two students leave and Mr. Styles shuts the door.

"Look Mr. Styles. I'm really sorr-"

"Call me Harry. Look, I think you're really smart and mature and you're absolutely gorgeous. I can't help but be attracted to you, Sameerah..." He says. I'm stunned. I've only had the biggest crush on him for forever. This is amazing.

"W-what" is all I can manage to say. He chuckles and walks over to me. He gently kisses me and after a few moments he pulls away.

"Will you... Be mine..?" He asks, slightly blushing. I nod. I nod and pull him into a hug. This is the start of something... Amazing.

~~ 3 years later~

Harry and I have been dating for a couple of years and I'm totally in love with him. I can tell he feels the same by the way he looks at me.

"Sameerah, baby I need to ask you something." Harry yells from our newly shared bedroom. I'm going off to college and we decided to take another step in our relationship. I walk to him and smile, "Yeah babe?" He blushes and kneels down. I'm totally confused but then I realize. He takes out a small box and looks up at me with loving eyes.

"Sameerah. I'm in love with you. You're perfect. You're smart, funny, beautiful, and everything I could ever ask for. I want you in my life for an extremely long time. I would love for you to be my wife. Will you marry me?" I grin as tears flow down my cheeks.

"Yes. Yes. I would love to!" I exclaim. He puts the beautiful ring on my finger and kisses me passionately. I'm truly in love with this man.

~~1 year later~~

We are newlyweds and completely in love. I'm so happy to call him my husband. I've made the best decision in my life.

"Honey come here please." He calls from the kitchen. I smile and walk over to him.

"Yes babe?" I grin. He turns to face me and he takes a moment to look me over. Pure bliss in his eyes.

"I am so happy you're my wife..." He says and kisses me. I giggle and pull away.

"Harry what did you need?" I smirk.

"I totally forgot..." He blushes. I laugh and bring him back for another kiss.

{I really hope you liked it. To me I did I pretty sucky job so sorry. ♡}

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