Far from the world of you and I

This story is a fanfiction about Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire).

Gabrielle, has just started uni, but when she bumps in to a boy in a bookshop, thats all she can think about. Will she see the boy again?


4. Jess meet Dan

I woke up to the birds singing and the sun shine dancing over the horizon; today looked as it was going to be a perfect day. I smiled, as the memories of last night filled my mind. I had finally met the book shop boy, and his name was Dan.
It was a cute name to suit his face, I thought as I pulled on my black skinny jeans and t shirt.
"Come on Nerd! Uni starts in half an hour!" Jess shouted, making me get ready a hell of a lot faster. I grabbed my bag and whipped out of the apartment, just on the heels of Jess.
"Oh god, remind never to run any where again" I complained as I sat doubled over in the tube. Justin's booming laugh rung out, instead of Jess's giggle, which is what I expected .
"Why on earth are you here?" I said, my surprise evident in my voice. Justin made an offended face.
"You never listen to anything Gabs! I have a job interview in town today, with that designy place." Ah.. I had forgotten Justin often does odd jobs on modelling.
Dan could model, I thought absent mindedly and watched the outskirts of London fly past before the tube was sucked down into a tunnel. With those high cheek bones and black hair. He was perfect.
My cheeks warmed just thinking about him. I didn't even know him very well but I felt I had known him for years. It was amazing. I noticed Justin staring at me as I was off on this little thought chat thing about Dan.
"Heyyaaa" I said waving at him. Laughing he said that it was weird seeing me so spaced out, I must have been thinking deeply about something. Oh god. This made me blush no end.
"Awhhhh, looks like the Nerds in love" he cooed pinching my cheeks, and prodding Jess in the side. "For your information I am not I love just day to is such a beautiful day" and as I said this, a light drizzle rained out over London. "Yep just perfect" Justin joked, giving me a toothy smile. Laughing, I jumped out the tube and made my way to uni with Jess.
"And this guys is the revolution of the french." My history lecturer droned, as I took notes. I was bored. Why didn't they just let us watch les miserables and then we would understand the french revolution perfectly.
 Here in Uni I stoodout like a sore thumb. My accent was yorkshire but posh, and my dress sense was skinny jeans and band tee's. But I didn't need any other friends but Jess and Justin and so I was fine.
 I let out a long sigh and started doodling. A tree grew along my notebook, the leaves touching the top carefully. A few had stretched to far and now lay on the floor dead. A tree house suddenly sprung from the tree; a table and tea pot magically appeared in there also.
How I wished to escape to my tree, instead of being sat in a cold hard seat listening to a boring talk on an uninteresting subject, said by a dull man. Sighing again I rested my head on my arms. From this angle I could just see out the high up windows. The real treetops tapped at the windows in the wind. It had started raining harder now, you could see the droplets running down the windows.
As my lecturer let us go, I shoved all my papers into my bag and headed straight out. I sucked in a breath of fresh air to relax my lungs. I texted Jess a quick message saying I was out of my lecture if she wanted to meet, and headed down the stairs of Uni. On my way down the stairs I bumped into a running student. My drink came right out my hand and onto me. I swore very  loudly.
Grumbling, I picked up my sheets and walked towards a bin to get rid of my soggy sheets.
"Hey Gabby!!" Jess said jogging to my side as I binned the sheets. Taking in my appearance crinkled her nose at me, she asked what happened.
"Nothing" I muttered, feeling like going and sitting in a dark room. She just gave me a weird smile and started talking about her day at a million miles per hour. I tried to listen, but I wasn't all that interested and the sight of a black haired tall boy bobbing down the street had my attention. "Wait here a second" I said to Jess and sprinted down the road to see if it was Dan.
"DAN!" I shouted trying to tap him on the shoulder. As the boy turned round I realised it was clearly not Dan just another tall boy with dark hair.
"Uhm.. I'm not Dan, I'm Phil" The guy had a thick northernish accent and startling blue eyes. Phil... I recognised the name but I didn't know where from. Whilst I was racking my brains, I obviously looked like a nutter just standing there staring at him, as he gave me a weak smile and went to turn around.
Then it hit me. Phil was Dan's flatmate. My mouth went into an O shape as the realisation flooded through me.
"Do you live with Dan?" I asked, grabbing his elbow to turn him round.
"Dan Howell?" Phil asked me. Was that Dan's surname? Would make sense as we had received a couple of letters for him. I nodded my head, and this time the smile on his face was warm.
"Yeah I do live with him" Phil replied.
"Gabby!! Come on!!" I heard Jess approaching from behind me. I made a quick good bye to Phil and then spun round to be greeted by an annoyed looking Jess.
She simply grabbed me by the hand and forced me to Costa. Not the worst of places to be forced to go to I must say. I ordered my normal brew, and collasped into one of their squishy chairs, sighing as inhaled the warmth coming off my hot chocolate. "You look like you haven't had a hot drink in months" Said Jess looking at me, like I was mad. I grinned and took a loud sip of my hot chocolate, wiping away the creamy moustache formed with the back of my hand. Jess squirmed, a look of disgust painted on her face. I laughed, Jess was so easily grosed out. She just scowled at me, muttering something about me being stupid.
"How's the new boyfriend then?" Making me wish I hadn't asked, Jess gushed on and on about how perfect he was, how he got her such good gifts and how he was the best kisser. I personally was quite jealous, her relationship sounded perfect, I wasn't jealous in the way that I didn't want her happy, simply that I wanted the relationship she had.
"Heard anything from book boy?" Jess inquired, draining her glass of hot chocolate fluidly. My cheeks felt like they were on fire, and Jess catching my flaming cheeks in the mere corner of her eye, grinned at me like the Cheshire cat.
"His names Dan" I mumbled quietly, fiddling with the strap of my bag. "Cute name" Jess said nodding her head at me " and when did you find this out? And when were you going to tell me?" She asked, moving a bit of platinum blonde hair from out of in front of her face.
I told her shyly that I found this out last night, and that it had innocently slipped my mind to tell her. Hearing this, she tutted at me for not telling her, but told me she was happy that I had finally introduced myself to him.
Jess had always been slightly scalding of how I held myself with boys, saying that I needed to try harder if I wanted a boyfriend. Of course she personally had never needed to try, she was gorgeous. Long blonde hair, a figure to die for, she was a boys dream. Justin was just the same, all tall and good looking.
No one ever understood why they were friends with me. I didn't either to be honest, but we all got on so well and I hardly thought about it anymore.
During school I had always saw Jess and Justin as the populars but then in year 9 I spent a week in Belgium with them, and it was like I had found my other halves. Obviously trudging around in mud brought people together.
Jess finally decided it was time to go home and we splashed through the rain back to our warm flat. We were laughing manically, we had fallen in a couple of puddles and now resembled drown rats, as we entered the lobby. A certain pair of tall dark haired boys caught my attention and stopped me dead in my tracks.
"Gabby!" Jess shouted as she crashed into my back thanks to my sudden stop. Dan and Phil spun round, obviously to see why this mad women was shouting.
"Gabrielle?" Dan said, giving me a smile. I returned him with a small meek wave, wincing slightly as I felt Jess's elbow jam into my ribs.
"So you're Dan?" Jess asked walking up to them "Gabs won't stop talking about you!" I would have corrected her if I hadn't been so shell shocked because of seeing the pair. As we stepped into the lift together Jess suggested that they come round ours for pizza today, it was a step too far for me.
"Of course you don't have to come if you don't want to, I mean you must have better things to do on your Saturday evening" I babbled quietly, hoping they were busy this evening. Sadly they weren't. They took Jess up on the offer, as Jess went to show Phil where we live, I was left alone in the corridor with Dan.
"Its good to see you again" Dan said, with this amazing smile on his face, he had the cutest dimples "Though you always seem to be wet around me" Dan winked at me as he said this. I felt tomato mode activate, and my cheeks were burning. When Phil and Jess finally arrived back, after what felt like an hour though was probably only a minute, we parted our separate  ways.
"So Dan's nice" Jess simply commented as we got through the door.
"Yeah really nice" I agreed thinking about his cute smile, and the tiniest of winks that he had sent me, which had been a hundred percent adorable "I can't believe you invited them round though". Jess smiled at me, explaining that she had done it simply to set Dan and I up, but also she thought Phil was cute.
"Hey you have a boyfriend!" Interrupted Justin, as he sat down on my lap. Groaning under the weight I shoved him off my lap, but he was like a dead troll.  After a minute of me hitting him, rather feebly I must admit, he ruffled my hair and sat down next to Jess on the sofa.
"So who's coming for pizza?" He asked looking rather sceptical.
"Dan and Phil" Jess smirked at me "Dan's Gabby's lover obviously". At this I laughed. It was a silly idea of any one as perfect Dan dating me. They both turned and looked at me like I was crazy, which of course I was am, but no one needed to know this.
"Ooooo! Are we meeting little nerds crush then?" Justin said squeezing  my cheeks. I moved my head out of his reach, and let out a tired sigh.
"Guys, sadly I am highly doubting any thing will happen between Dan and I" They both just looked at me with a face that said they were more than a little determined to prove me wrong.
Seeing as I needed to get a few essays started, I made an excuse and left for my bed room.
My room was quite large, and I had gotten the en suite, purely because seeing as the other two were related it would be easier if they shared a bathroom. My desk sat at one end of my room, all neat, with my university work in stacks and my stationary in a pen holder. My laptop took pride of place in the centre of my desk, currently open was YouTube. I had been listening to the new pentatonix's version of Royals by Lorde, it was stunning. Pressing replay, I did some kind of hippy dance, where I swayed around the room with my arms in the air.
I did this for an hour or so before something broke me out of my dancing. The doorbell.


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