Far from the world of you and I

This story is a fanfiction about Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire).

Gabrielle, has just started uni, but when she bumps in to a boy in a bookshop, thats all she can think about. Will she see the boy again?


1. Bookshop Boy

My feet ached from wandering around town and my back ached from carrying around all my new text books. All I really wanted to do was go and find a quiet corner in the book shop and slump. On my arrival at the book shop I noted a group of girls who were standing whispering. I didn't bother trying to listen as I was too tired and I didn't really care. Pushing past them and into the shop I climbed the spiral stair case and headed off the to the graphic novel/Anime section. I sat my self down and pulled out a random book. A few minutes later a Boy with browny black hair and Brown eyes came round the corner. He was tall and was wearing a pink t shirt that had kitten faces on, he looked slightly strange. Burying his head in a comic he sat down on a chair near mine. The gaggle of girls rounded the corner, still whispering and looking around as if they were playing hide and seek. The boy let out a sigh once they had left. I didn't ask why he was hiding from the girls, or who he was. I was too shy.

"Excuse me" The hazelnut haired boy was leaning over me trying to reach a book that was just above where I was sitting. Moving out of the way, I noticed he was wearing a youtube hoodie now. I slumped down and read for at least an hour before I decided it was time to go. On the way out I brushed past the mysterious boy, he had a content smile on his face as he read. It was adorable. I caught the tube out of central london and towards my flat.

Slamming the door to announce my presence I heard my best friend Justin shout that he was in the front room with Jess. Justin and Jess were twins, of whom were my best friends and flat mates. We had lived together for a year now since I had started uni in London.
"What you guys doing?" I asked kicking off my chuck taylors and collapsing on to the sofa.

"Nothing much, just talking about Jess's new boyfriend" Justin said this so casually that to begin with I simply nodded my head but then I really heard what he said and I pounced on to Jess. "Who! Who? Who??" I shouted as Jess squirmed out of the bear hug I had her clasped in.

"Well you know the boy from Biology class?" She said sounding happy " he asked me out this morning" I was so happy for her! We ordered dominoes to celebrate. Sitting in a circle on the floor we talked for a bit, but I wasn't really concentrating, my mind kept wandering to the boy in the book shop. "What are you thinking about?" Justin asked, as I was caught zoning out for the fifth time that conversation. "Nothing really, just there was this cute boy in the book shop today" I mumbled, blushing slightly. "Awh is love in the air for the little nerd as well" Jess cooed whilst messing up my hair. They had always called me a Nerd as a joke as I was the more academic out of the three of us. Brushing off their taunts I carried on thinking about where he could be and who he was.

 Bidding good night to my friends I walked up to my bed room and turned on the laptop that sat pride of place on my desk. I flicked through tumblr for a bit, I didn't have many followers, I was more the quiet just looking at posts sort of person I hardly ever reblogged anything. I finally decided it was time to sleep and went off to curl up into my bed. As the darkness of sleep greeted me the mysterious boys smile ricocheted round my mind, sending me into a peaceful and happy sleep.

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