How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


7. Chapter 7 - Andrea's POV

Lauren seem extra cheery after Niall ran off. Hailey seemed to notice to, because she kept nudging me.

"Lauren...what happened with you, and Niall?" I finally asked.

"What?" Lauren responded.

"She asked what happened when you, and Niall came here," Hailey said.

"Well...we chatted...and he kissed my cheek..." Lauren finally spilled.

"He didn't!!!" I said.

"He did!"

"Ladies! Did you get your tickets check?" A man asked.

"Does it count if we got them from Paul, One Directions manager?" I said.


"Then yes we did."

"Where are you suppose to be sitting?"

"Ummm...we don't know..."

"Let's see."

We handed him the tickets, and he took us to the very from row. I didn't think those were the tickets, the lads had leftover. We sat down, and were on our phones for like two hours. They came on around 7, and a bunch of girls started crying, because they came onto stage.

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