How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


12. Chapter 11 - All Girls POV

Andera's POV: When I woke up, it was like twelve o'clock. Harry was still asleep. I quietly got off the bed, and took a shower. I use the hotel products, and I took about a twenty minutes shower. When I got out. I saw on of Harry's shirts sitting on the counter, also my jeans that I wore yesterday. I slipped on his shirt & my jeans. I walked out, and Harry was fully changed.

  "I figured you wanted a different shirt to wear," he said.

  "Yeah, thanks," I responded.

  "You look good in plaid."

  Did I mention the shirt was a red, and green plaid shirt? I didn't? Whoops! I had the shirt tucked in my pants, and you could see my belt. I slipped on my shoes.

  "What time do you have to be home love?"

  "My mom said before dinner, and I usually eat dinner around five thirtyish."

  "Okay. That gives us about three hours together, and then we'll have to take you home."


  I started to blush again. I haven't felt about a boy like this, in a long time. Like a very long time. He led me out into the hallway. Everyone else was waiting. I noticed Hailey was wearing a striped shirt, and Lauren was one of Niall's red polo, and one of his sweatshirts.

  "You ready to go now Harry?" Liam asked.

  "Yeah! Let's go!" Harry responded.

  We walked down into the lobby, and that's when everything went bad.

Hailey's POV: I clutched Louis arm. The fans were going crazy, and taking a ton of pictures. I wasn’t ready for all of this madness at all! A bunch of girls tried pulling me off of Louis, but Louis wouldn’t let them. He wrapped the arm, that I was clutching around my waist. I felt safe in Louis’s arms, and everyone ran out to the car. Zayn started it, and we sped off. They dropped Louis, Niall, Harry, Lauren, Andrea, and I off at a park. Harry took Andrea to the swing’s, Niall took Lauren to the slide area, and Louis took me to the play area. He let me climb up first, and then he followed me. We sat down, and just chatted. It got really quiet, and I saw Harry running over. He handed us a bag of McDonalds. Louis took it, and he handed me a burger. We spread out our hamburger wrappers, and set down our medium fires on top. We opened up like five ketchup packets just for our fries.

  We were at the park for like three hours. Louis checked his phone, and realised that we had to leave, so then they could take us back home. We went back to the hotel, and we grabbed the suitcases. I was finishing packing up very quickly. I got back up to my feet, and Louis was staring at me. He got closer, and put his hands on my hips. He leaned in, and Louis’s soft lips touched mine. Someone knocked on the door, and we separated.

Lauren’s POV: Niall and I waited in the lobby area for everyone to come. Niall rested his hand on my knee, and I laid my head on his shoulder. He kissed my head, and my eye’s began to droop. Niall rested his head on top of mine, and we both fell asleep.

  Someone was shaking us awake. I saw Zayn standing there. I rubbed my eyes, and saw that Niall had fallen onto the floor.

  “We’re ready to go Lauren,” Zayn said before he walked away.

  For some reason Zayn is really cold to me, when we aren’t around the lads. I dont know why, but it’s starting to annoy me. Niall woke up, and he kissed my cheek. I really wanted a real kiss from Niall...but he’s a pop star, and I would get a lot of hate from a ton of fans. We hopped into the car, and we dropped off Andrea first. Harry kissed her cheek, and she went inside. She waved from her bedroom window, and we drove to Hailey’s house. Considering I don’t typically go home anymore...since something happened between my parents and me, I live with Hailey’s family. Niall, and Louis walked us up to the front door. Louis leaned down, and kissed Hailey. Niall and I looked into each other’s happened! He kissed me, and it was like those fairytale kisses. The sparks flew everywhere!

  “I’ll text you later. Okay?” He said, after he broke away from the kiss.

  “Yeah,” I responded.

  Hailey dragged me into her house, and we waved from the opened doorway.

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