How We All Met

We all started out as strangers, acquaintances, friends, and then best friends. We all love One Direction, and our friendship brought us closer to them. What happens when they all get seperated?


1. Chapter 1 - Andera's POV

I walked into my favorite shop. It’s right on the street, and I started looking at clothes, while I waited for my best friends, Hailey, and Lauren to come. Lauren was the first one to arrive.

“Hey!” I said.

“Hey!” She responded. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Haven’t arrived yet.”

Just as I finished saying that, Haliey walked in. She was carrying her One Direction tote bag. I picked out a cut shirt that ended at my belly button, and a tank top that match the color of the shirt. The color of the shirt is aqua green.

“Guys! We’re shopping for a big opportunity!!” Hailey exclaimed.

“What is it for?” Lauren asked.

“One Direction’s Meet and Greet!!”

“I’m so happy now! When is it???” I asked.

“Tomorrow!” Hailey responded.

I found a pair of shorts, and black vans. I walked to the dressing room, and tried on the outfit. It fit perfectly. I walked out, and saw Lauren’s, and Hailey’s outfit. Lauren was wearing a turquoise shirt, the hung off one shoulder,a nd white shorts. She also had on blue converse. Hailey had a pink shirt, with holes in the sleeves, and dark washed shorts, and white toms.

“I love your outfit!” We all said to each other, then we all started laughing.

“Let’s go buy these outfits, before we need to leave for our sleepover!” I said.

We all walked back to the dressing rooms, and quickly changed, before we headed for the check out. I only had to pay $15, and Hailey and Lauren had to pay $25. We all walked out of the store together, and talked all the way to my house. I unlocked the front door.

“Mom! I’m home! Lauren, and Hailey are with me!” I yelled to my mom.

“Hey honey! Snacks are sitting on the counter for you guys! Hailey your mom called about the meet and greet tickets! I’m going to take you guys around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon!” My mom responded.


We walked up the stairs, and into my poster covered walls. I set our bags, on my bed. We all sat down on the floor, and I grabbed my laptop, and logged onto Twitter. I saw that Harry was doing a Twitcam. It had just started, and I clicked on it. Harry’s face popped up, and we were the first viewers. He started talking. We sat their for hours, until we passed out around midnight on my hard floor.

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