Chuck Taylor Must Die

Everything started with a number. Amelia always loved Chuck her sister's best friend and most popular player in school. Having seven girlfriends at once. The girls know which one they are by a number on a piece of paper. But Amelia is number one and the only one. There's secrets only Amelia and her friends can find and finally discover the truth behind Lawrence's disappearance all those years ago. On top of everything that Chuck is dying and needs her help.

P.S- Any movellian who is under the age of thirteen should not read this story. It contains sexual content and I do not want this movella removed. It is very important to me as being that the subject of cancer is very near to my heart. I trust that everyone will be honest about this and respect my wishes and the websites.





"Well I'll be eighteen next Monday Chuck. But I wanted to be married first. Well I'm engaged that's close enough."


"Only if you want to Amelia I'm not going to force you to do this." His eyes were filled with tears I responded by kissing him. He kissed me back and we went from there.  We layed on my bed gasping breathing in the sweet air that was filled with aromas foreign to me. That was the best experience of my life it wasn't exactly planned and it was filled with love. I looked over at him and smiled. "I love you."


"I love you more." He kissed the tip of my nose. Finally after a few minutes I decided it was time for dinner and we got dressed. In the kitchen I found my mother and father cooking what looked like garlic bread and some type of pasta mixture. 


"Hey daddy, mom. Where's Amy?"


"She went out with friends, the news has shaken her up. She wanted a normal night."

"Oh, so how was work?" No one answered. "Hello?"


"Did you use protection?" what were they talking about? they heard us we must've been at it longer then we thought. Did we?


"It happened to fast I didn't think to ask."


"Well we can't undo anything about it you'll be eighteen next week. It was your choice and we also know your engaged, Chuck told us." they weren't mad, or disappointed it was like they expected this to happen. I was so deep in thought I hadn't noticed mom leaving the room. Until she came back and said happily ;


"Dinner is ready you three."  My favorite Italian dish was placed on the table, chicken and broccoli alfredo with garlic bread. We ate in silence I listened to everyone chew and then Chuck spoke up.


"Mr and Mrs. Murrey I know that you think we acted irresponsibly, but I don't think we did. We love each other and it was her choice I didn't make her do anything at all. But I did suggest it so you can put all the blame and whatever happens onto me."


"My dear boy we don't think you acted irresponsibly at all, you asked for her permission and its not her fault either. You two love each other its only fair that you spend what time you have left together in the closer moments of life." my father said. I blushed a deep crimson they all laughed. I on the other hand went back to eating my pasta.


"This is delicious mother." I said and I acknowledged that daddy helped by nodding at him. The rest of the night was silent, after dinner we watched old time movies with Marilyn Monroe starring in them. I wasn't paying attention to the screen though Chuck was with me so all my attention was on him. He knew I watching him and smiled each  time I blushed when he looked over and caught me. 


Half way through the fourth movie Amanda walked in-drunk laughing about something. She was so loud that daddy paused the movie with a grumble I believe this is his all time favorite. Amanda walked in and saw us starring at her and she fell silent. He knew she was drunk but didn't say anything, well he would later when we weren't around. Mom knew as well but she too hid it and asked instead.


"Did you have fun Amy dear?" mom asked. Well duh she's drunk.


"Uh yes I did, we went to the movies and then we went to a free concert in the park." I looked at her and knew all of that was a lie. They broke into 21 12 the dance club down town. I didn't say anything this was normal for us. Amanda and I used to do that all the time on Friday nights.


"That's nice dear. Are you joining us for the remainder of  the movie or are you going to bed?"


"Going to bed." after she looked at the paused screen. "Goodnight."  shortly afterwards  I told them I was going to bed as well. Chuck looked lost, he didn't know whether to follow me or go home he glanced at my parents and they didn't say anything which I think meant they didn't care. I pulled him up and we went to bed.


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