Chuck Taylor Must Die

Everything started with a number. Amelia always loved Chuck her sister's best friend and most popular player in school. Having seven girlfriends at once. The girls know which one they are by a number on a piece of paper. But Amelia is number one and the only one. There's secrets only Amelia and her friends can find and finally discover the truth behind Lawrence's disappearance all those years ago. On top of everything that Chuck is dying and needs her help.

P.S- Any movellian who is under the age of thirteen should not read this story. It contains sexual content and I do not want this movella removed. It is very important to me as being that the subject of cancer is very near to my heart. I trust that everyone will be honest about this and respect my wishes and the websites.






I sat alone in my bedroom the family 'meeting' long over, Iva fast asleep and Chuck and Lawrence were playing football in the backyard. Amanda was probably somewhere on the patio doodling or reading, Mom and Dad grateful for the quiet tucked away in their bedroom. Mr and Mrs. Taylor had long gone home. I on the other hand was watching the sunset on this long eventful summer's day. Chuck's birthday was coming up soon and so was Lawrence's what should I get them? I smiled to myself Chuck wasn't dead I was so scared everything slipped my mind when Lawrence become part of the picture. I heard a knock on the door not my bedroom but the front I silently got up and went to answer it. The police man with Kyle in hand was standing on my front stoop. I quickly unlatched the door and welcomed them in. I led them to the backyard where I found everyone enjoying each-other's company, a bond fire going marshmallows half chewed in their mouths Chuck got  up fast when he saw the boy he saved. I smiled to Kyle and he smiled back and was quick to join my family, he was roasting a marshmallow  when I turned to talk to the officer 


"Kyle he's going through a tough time, losing his parents the way he did and all. I'm not saying you two haven't had your share of troubles or anything."


"We understand." I volunteered.


"Thank you kindly miss. I guess I'll be going I see he's in capable hands now." I walked him out and Chuck introduced Kyle to everyone. As I walked away I couldn't get that first dream out of my head. The one with Kyle sitting on top of Chuck's tombstone.I shoved the thought aside and said goodbye to the policeman. I shut the door and went to check on Iva, she lay there fast asleep, I inched slowly into the room and I just stood there and watched her sleep. I forgot about everyone else and I only remembered when Chuck came and asked where Kyle was going to be sleeping, I didn't answer at first then I pulled out of my reverie and led him down the the hall to the second guest bedroom. 


"This is Kyle's room. While you were talking to everyone I snuck in here and tricked it out. Now I'm going to go to our daughter." I stormed out and heard Chuck follow me like he couldn't figure out why I was angry...well I don't even know why either. I returned  to Iva's room, she was crying. I picked her up and cradled her to my chest swaying back and forth, The smell of honey, and cherry blossoms with a hint of baby powder wafted to my nose, making me smile and all my mystery anger disappearing, I don't know how long I was like that but when I looked at the window it was pitch black outside, I set Iva down and went to bed.


There I found Chuck. He sat on the bed thinking about something.


Chuck's POV:


I understood how Amelia must be feeling I do, Thinking she lost me then she got me back, Lawrence my long lost twin brother returning, then going out with her twin sister, Kyle showing up. She has these nightmares she won't explain to me, but she moans, and screams in her sleep so I know when they are visiting her she won't let me help her. I followed her back to Iva's bedroom wondering why her mood-swings from pregnancy were back. As I entered the room I heard crying from the rocking chair. Amelia almost never cried, well when she found out I was dying she cried. She cried over my comatose body and she probably cried when she thought I was dead. But that's only three times that I know of. I hurried in and went to her side only to find it wasn't Amelia it was Amanda. 



"Amanda was is it?" she sniffled and looked up into my eyes and took a deep breath and wiped her eyes.


"They took her. They took Iva! The one's who took Lawrence!"


"What do they look like? Do you know, where's Amelia?"


"Oh they took her too! She fought against them and when she saw she told me to hide. They knocked her out with something and took her and the baby! Oh Chuck I'm so sorry."


Amelia Pov:


I woke up in the back of a van. The smell of cheap cologne and my Iva screaming filled my nose and ears. I struggled against the ropes that held me, my muffled screams going unnoticed, where am I? I looked around, the sun was coming up Chuck must be worried sick and Amanda! Oh god. I heard male voices and Iva was in one their arms. I struggled against the ropes finally they came loose enough to where I could slip out of them. I quickly undid my feet. I removed the bandanna from my mouth. I crawled up to the front staying out of the rear-view mirror and I grabbed a crow bar and knocked the man holding my baby out, then moving quickly I knocked the driver out. I managed to stop the car, I grabbed Iva and started running down the highway. I didn't know where I was I couldn't find any signs to help indicate where I was. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 9-1-1 the nice police man who brought Kyle over answered,





"Oh thank god Officer Maxwell its Amelia, I've been kidnapped and I don't where I am. The last thing I remember was that it was  around 9:30 last night. Please help me!" 


"Ok sweetheart, are the kidnappers knocked out?"


"Yes, I hit them with a crow bar."


"Do you have your baby?"


"How did you know they took my baby?"


"Chuck called earlier." 


"Oh is he okay?


"Yes he's fine. Now do you have GPS tracking on your phone?"




"Turn it on." I did and I waited for his reply. "Okay I have your location we're coming to get you. Hang in there okay?"


"What if they wake up?"


"Do you have the crowbar?" 




"Hit them again." I hung up and started walking in circles. I kept wondering if I killed them. Its been two hours and they haven't woken up. I finally heard police sirens and I saw Maxwell's car and his back-up. I smiled and ran and met him. He stomped on the brakes. I was crying.  I jumped in the car. Tears cascading down my face. I was so scared.


"I think I killed them!"


"You didn't- look." I did and saw the other police-men arresting them and putting in the patrol cars.


"Can you take us home now?"


"Of course sweet heart." He made a K-turn and made the two hour ride home. I was shaking in my sit the whole way home, Iva snuggled up in between my breasts. I finally saw my street, Lilac Lane. I was so happy to be here. When I saw my house I smiled really big. Chuck was on the front stoop Lawrence comforting him. Lawrence looked up in time to see me jump out of the car with Iva and barrel into Chuck, Maxwell holding Iva and following. I kissed him over and over again. I didn't let him go. He returned all my kisses. Maxwell handed Iva to Lawrence bid us farewell and left. Chuck led me inside and I really wanted my dad's Hot Chocolate. Chuck sat me down on the couch and handed me my favorite blanket and Lawrence sat with Iva in the big comfy chair. Chuck returned with my parents in tow.



"I want answers. Why was Lawrence kidnapped, why was I kidnapped was Iva kidnapped and why was Lawrence's covered up and you made us forget about him."


"This is a discussion best saved for when all four parents are present."


"What are you hiding? Thanks to what-ever happened back then I'm scarred for life!"

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