Chuck Taylor Must Die

Everything started with a number. Amelia always loved Chuck her sister's best friend and most popular player in school. Having seven girlfriends at once. The girls know which one they are by a number on a piece of paper. But Amelia is number one and the only one. There's secrets only Amelia and her friends can find and finally discover the truth behind Lawrence's disappearance all those years ago. On top of everything that Chuck is dying and needs her help.

P.S- Any movellian who is under the age of thirteen should not read this story. It contains sexual content and I do not want this movella removed. It is very important to me as being that the subject of cancer is very near to my heart. I trust that everyone will be honest about this and respect my wishes and the websites.


18. A Little About the Characters


My inspiration for Amelia was a little part of me. She's quirky and funny. But on the inside her emotions are in turmoil, she's strong and stubborn and when someone messes with her family and friends she'll whip out the kitty claws. When she falls in love, she not only loves with her heart but her very soul. I wanted a character unlike the rest of the girls in stories, I wanted a character that was relatable.




Amanda originally was just a thrown in character for when my sentences needed something else. But when I started writing she became another main character being pulled into the mess that started. Falling in love with evil dude Lawrence; Chuck's twin brother who was kidnapped.




Lawrence wasn't even supposed to exist in the original drawing up of this story. Chuck was supposed to be an only child. But I was thinking I needed a twist to the story so I created Lawrence. Who actually was supposed to be Chuck reincarnated, and he wasn't supposed to be the assassin Amanda was. 




Now I planned on Chuck dying when he went into the seizure but then I decided that would be no fun. I got the idea for Chuck from a movie I saw when I was like seven it was about this guy who dated all these girls and a group of girls got back at him by playing all these pranks on him but my idea was for him to be dying and instead of playing pranks on him his final girlfriend helps to find a cure for his illness. Now Chuck is a funny, smart, handsome, stubborn, and protective. When he tells Amelia about his illness he talks as if he's been around for centuries but your death being counted down since you were two has that effect on a guy.

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