Bad *A DIVERGENT Fanfiction*

Reese is Bad.
Not Amity.
Not Dauntless.
Not Abnegation or Erudite or Candor.
She's Bad.
Really, really Bad.
B. A. D.


7. Chapter Four

I reach the edge of the fence by nightfall. My heart is pounding even faster than seems possible but I know that in this situation I cannot give up. Tonight I have to be Dauntless even though in my heart I have turned out to be truly Bad. 

The gate is not guarded which arouses my suspicions, but when I see that there is no clear doorway or entrance I see why. The fence is several feet tall, towering high high above my head and to climb it would take a long while.

I do not have a long while before the guards come back at daybreak and resign me to the same fate as Eliza. Or Matthew. I try not to think of poor dead Matthew.

My attention turns backward to the trees I've just been using to scout the area. With the ease of a seasoned climber I scale up the one closest to the wall. Adrenaline propels me forwards and without thinking I leap to close the distance between myself and the fence. 

I miss.

Sharp pain racks my body as I hit the ground with a satisfying 'clunk'. My back convulses in a long agonising motion and I give off a slow moan. Shaking myself in annoyance I unsteadily get to my feet and move towards the trunk, a little more carefully.

This time when I reach the unsteady bouncing branch I plan to jump from I bend my knees just a little. My swinging arms find a funny sort of rhythm while my eyes remain steady, focused.

I jump.

I land on the top of the wall, teetering on the edge. 

My arms flail in every direction trying to stay calm and right myself but it only makes me more unbalanced. I fall forwards, landing in a crumpled heap just like before. Only this time, it's different. This time I am on the other side of the fence.

I have fallen into the land of beyond.

Bad have reached their destination.

I am slightly dazed when I stand but I blink quickly, struggling to take in these new surroundings. And how new they are. I wonder fleetingly if the Dauntless guards even know of this other world. Because that's what it is. A brand new other world.

Flashing neon lights in every colour imaginable spot the dark night sky above. Covering every inch of the high buildings (which seem like steel pillars holding up the sky) are shiny posters with objects and people of every type emblazoned across them. Across to my right, a blonde woman with pouty red lips poses in a shimmering pastel dress. A man holding a tennis racket on my left wears bright blue trainers, obviously the main focus of the picture. I frown, my head furrowing in that familiar pattern.

The Amity compound is nothing on this.

A yell from behind me, and I whip around defensively. But its owner is not a guard, nor a fellow escapee. However, they still smile broadly as if in recognition of my thin face. She runs towards me, her tanned arms outstretched.


Startled I jump backwards, my mouth a round 'O' of astonishment. The girl is quickly followed by several of her friends, who circle me as if I'm an exhibit in an Erudite museum.

I hunch my shoulders, trying to hide myself as I shrink downwards towards the floor. I'm stupid. I'm stupid! Anything could be out here, away from the fence and I just mince into it like I don't have a care in the world. I think of things boring history professors warned me about, things I scoffed at at the time because when was I to ever come across them?




The girl who spoke first links her arm in mine, dragging me towards a flashing building on the opposite side of the street. She smiles at me toothily, in a way which she might mean to seem friendly, but just makes me even more certain that my dark fears are alive and true.

I shake my head, but she laughs and clings onto my arm as if stuck there by glue.

She's pulling me closer to the structure, closer, closer, closer...

A misty purple sludge clouds my vision, creeping slowly forward until my eyes can only see through a puffy slit. I hear screams from a place far far away ringing through my head and then... And then...

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