Bad *A DIVERGENT Fanfiction*

Reese is Bad.
Not Amity.
Not Dauntless.
Not Abnegation or Erudite or Candor.
She's Bad.
Really, really Bad.
B. A. D.


4. Before

My brow furrows in stupid confusion and I scramble to get to my feet. "I don't get it," I say stupidly, my gaze met by patronising looks from the others in the room. "What's Bad?"

Eliza tosses her hair over her shoulder theatrically. "Bad is the new good! Bad is the absoloutely awesome! Bad is...."

"Bad, is what we call ourselves here Reese," interjects the Erudite boy. "Think of it like your new faction. Eliza came up with this idea a while ago about sneaking out of her faction before the choosing to join... whatever is beyond the fence I guess. She bumped into Samuel here," a pockmarked teenager waves at me half heartedly, "Who had the same idea. So they decided to recruit a few more of us before leaving. And that's why you're here."

I frown. "Wait. You want me to leave Amity? Dauntless guards patrol the fence at all times. Besides, what could be there that we don't have here?"

Eliza stares at me dumbfounded. "How should we know? It's the unknown darling. The unexpected. Anything. Everything. You won't know until you get there."

"I want out. You sound like a bunch of wanabe Dauntless seeking thrills."

"P-lease it's not because we're Dauntless. We just want more of a choice than factions without being so downgraded as factionless. Face it Reese, you don't fit in and neither do we. You're one of us whether you like it or not." Eliza huffs, rolling her eyes as I back away towards the vent.

The Erudite steps forward again, holding out a hand. "Hey. It's not so bad. I'm Matthew by the way. And don't mind Eliza, you get used to her."

"I'm sure," I mumble and shake it awkwardly.

For the rest of the meeting I sit on the edge of the bench in silence, trying to drown out everyone''s raucous noise, before exiting through the back door.


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