Nattaliah Black, a girl who has had a freakishly horrifying life, tries to escape from her memories and cover up the past. On her way she encounters some old friends and quiet a few old enemies. She makes a new friend named Katt who helps her find her way and accomplish her dreams. Yet after all of this, her life still uncovers itself here and there while she is becoming a huge star.

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5. Night time :)

“I love you! I really do!”I shouted.

“Inside voice! Look what I got!” he said with a taunting grin.

“Tacos!” I screamed, “I love tacos!”

“Yeah. I know.”

I quickly finished putting on my eyeliner and followed Lye out of the bathroom to the little living room area. The carpet was a stupendous shade of purple that accented the pale pink walls. We sat on the floor in front of the glass coffee table that had dark cherry wood legs. We watched 21 Jump Street and devoured a ton of tacos. We laughed and recited lines from the movie until it was over. At the end, I yawned and I was almost falling asleep. I looked at the clock on my phone and noticed that it was one o’clock and that I had 3 missed calls, 17 text messages, and 9 emails. They were all from my mom explaining how she was really sorry and to please forgive her for not telling me sooner. My eyes filled up with rage and I chucked my phone at the floor. Eighlye looked at me worried.

“Its late we should get you to bed.”



“Where are you sleeping?”

“I was thinking the bed by the window unless you want it.”

“No that’s okay. I’m gunna go to the bathroom.”

“Oh. Okay.”

I nearly ran to the bathroom. Does he want me to sleep in the other bed? Does he want me to sleep in the same bed as him? I don’t understand! Does he like me or not? Yes? Or no? Well I guess now would be a good time to figure it out huh. Here I go. I walked out of the bathroom and made my way across the room. Eighlye was lying in the bed by the window staring at the ceiling. I crawled into the bed next to him afraid of what he might say.

“Your mom said not to get you pregnant.” He said randomly. We both burst out laughing because the whole sexual thing has never really been us.

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” I retorted. We laughed again. I slowly closed my eyes and fell asleep.

My eyes fluttered open. The room was pitch black and I was freezing. Eighlye was only half on the bed and the bedding was right with him. I stood up and  grabbed the blanket off of the other bed. I layed back down and drifted away.

This time it was morning when I woke up. Eighlye wasn’t in bed. I was alone. Eighlye was sitting on the white sofa across from the bed. The room smelled of black coffee and a sweet vanilla. I knew that scent. That was vanilla ice cream in black coffee  with cinnamon and rainbow sprinkles.

“I really do love you. Like seriously!” I screamed running across the room. I sat on his lap and almost fell back asleep.

“I have some extra clothes for you if you want to change.” He replied.

“Oh yeah! How did you do all of this anyway?”

“Well…when you were running I called our moms on a three way and suggested I get you out of here for a while. So your mom brought my mom your clothes and stuff and my mom called my adoptive aunt Jodie. Jodie runs this place so she got me all of this for free because she felt I was being a great friend. That’s also when your mom told me not to get you pregnant.”

“Wow, hey can I ask you something?”

“Sure anything.”

“I don’t know what to do. Should I keep calling her mom? Do I just call her Danni like you? I don’t even know. Just please help me.”

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