Our Friendship[s]

It's about two girls, Lauren, and Ashlynn. They're training for the Boston Marathon, but when they meet One Direction at the gym...Everything changes. I making this story because it's about another person, that I met on Instagram. She's really nice, and I hope you guys enjoy the story!


9. Chapter 9 - Ashlynn's POV

All I could see was blackness. I didn’t know where I was. I could hear some beeping, and a heart beat. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t open my eyes, and or see anything except darkness. I don’t remember why I can’t open my eyes at all. I need to though. I remember that I’m dating someones...I think...I don’t remember what he looks like or what his name is. I know that Lauren and I are still training for the Boston Marathon that’s on April 21 this year. Then I heard someone’s voice. Well more than just one voice.

  “Louis...hoe is she?” a woman's voice said.   

  That’s Lauren’s voice! Who’s Louis though. I don’t know who Louis is.

  “She’s...in….a...c-c-c-c-oma,” the man they call Louis said.

  “What!? How did this happen Louis!? I thought she was in the care of the bodyguards!!”

  “She was! A-a-a- f-f-f-fan got o-o-out...a-a-and stabbed her in the...s-s-s-tomach…”

  I could tell that the man called, Louis was sobbing. Was he my boyfriend? I don’t know...I don’t think he is…



Hey guys! Yes Ashlynn lost her memory, but she is going to get it back! I did leave you guys off with a clifhanger. I'm going to work my butt of tomorrow to publish chapter 10, and since I don't have school tomorrow thanks to the terrible coldness, I am going to write all day long. Hope you like the story! Luv ya!


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