Our Friendship[s]

It's about two girls, Lauren, and Ashlynn. They're training for the Boston Marathon, but when they meet One Direction at the gym...Everything changes. I making this story because it's about another person, that I met on Instagram. She's really nice, and I hope you guys enjoy the story!


5. Chapter 5 - Ashlynn's POV

Ashlynn's POV: 

I can’t believe that the concert is tonight! I’ve been speaking to Louis since yesterday afternoon. Lauren told me that Liam had given us front row tickets, instead of the crappy seats that we were going to sit in. I ran up stairs, and grabbed my straightener, and make up. Lauren had plugged in my hairculer, and already curling her hair. She knew for a fact, that Liam likes girls with curly hair. I just like to have my hair straight because it doesn’t take up so much time, than curling your hair.

  Lauren grabbed my make up bag, and told me to sit down. She whipped out three different brushes. One was a huge one that I use for blush or foundation. She grabbed my powder foundation, and applied it to my face. It looked like my natural skin color too. I was impressed with what Lauren did. Then she started doing some blush, and she didn’t grab the bronzer because I don’t typically wear bronzer. Lauren grabbed my pink, and earthy toned eye shadow, and started applying that to my face. Once she finished my eyes, she looked at me.

  “I don’t like what I did,” Lauren said before she removed all of the makeup.

  “Why did you just remove all of my makeup?”I asked.

  “Remember the guy’s don’t really like girls with a lot of makeup, so I’ll just put cover up on certain spots, and then only do your eyes.”


  Lauren redid all of my makeup. It looked good, and I would probably do the look  she gave me every day, from now on. Lauren then started on her makeup, and it took her no more than five minutes. I knew that we wanted to be there a few hours before a ton of fans came. I looked at the clock, and saw that it was twelve. I grabbed my bag, and Lauren and I headed out. We hailed a cab, and we told the driver the address. He took about a half an hour, so we got there by 12:30. There was a guy waiting there to check tickets. He asked for ours, and I told him that we had reserved tickets under Lauren. He nodded, and took two tickets out of his chest pocket.

  “Two tickets for front row?” He asked.

  “Yup. Those are the one’s that Liam gave us,” Lauren said.

  He checked both of the tickets in, and we walked through the entire stadium. We sat in our assigned seats, and we both scrolled through Twitter, and Instagram. We heard the boys back stage messing around. They walked onto the stage, and started rehearsing. Lauren and I thought they’d be done rehearsing, but I guess they haven’t until now. They didn’t really pay attention to us, and we didn’t really either. Then the boys said something to Lauren and I.We looked up, and the boys were standing on stage, staring at us.  

  “Oh hey,” we both said.

  “Hey. What are you guys doing here so early?” Harry asked.

  “We wanted to beat the fan crowd, so then we could get our tickets, and come in,” I responded.

  “What do you mean get your tickets?” Niall asked.

  “I gave them two free front row tickets, because there’s where behind the stage,and they wouldn’t be able to see us,” Liam explained.



  “Guys! Lets go! You’ve only got two hours to get ready!” Paul yelled at them.

  Harry, Niall, and Zayn ran off, but Liam and Louis stayed behind. They got down from the stage, and came by us. Liam kissed Lauren, and Louis did the same to me. Paul ran out, and yelled at them to hurry up, and get back stage. It was really funny actually, because then Louis, and I started laughing while we were kissing.

  “I’ll see you after the show,” is all he said before he ran off with Liam.

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