Our Friendship[s]

It's about two girls, Lauren, and Ashlynn. They're training for the Boston Marathon, but when they meet One Direction at the gym...Everything changes. I making this story because it's about another person, that I met on Instagram. She's really nice, and I hope you guys enjoy the story!


1. Chapter 1 - Ashlynn's POV

Ashlynn's POV: I pulled my blonde hair back, into a medium high ponytail. I had put on a tank top, shorts, and my tennis shoes. Lauren was meeting me in our favorite gym place. We go there everyday, because we are training for a marathon in Boston. I walked out of my apartment building, and headed towards Equinox.

    By the time I got their, Lauren was already checked in, and waiting for me. I checked in, and we headed towards the treadmills. Even though we’re 17, our parents are allowing us to participate, even though two people bombed the marathon last year.

    “How are you Lauren?” I asked.

“Good! How are you?” She responded.

I could tell that she was excited about something. Everytime shes excited, her eyes have a sparkle to it.

“I’m good. Do you have something to tell me?”

“Well...my parents got me a six month early birthday present.”

“What is it?”

“One Direction Tickets!”



Then our personal trainer came over, and started talking with us. He wants us to run five miles, stretch, then go to the weight machines. We started running, and about an half hour into running, a speaker came on.

“Attention everyone! The gym is now closing for a very private session. If you are in the gym please leave. Thank you,” the women said.

Our trainer came over. We stopped the treadmills, and turned to face him.

“You two are the only ones that are allowed to stay. We talk with the private sessions trainer, and he said it was fine if you stayed.”

“Okay,” Lauren, and I said at the same time.

He walked away, and we continued with our running. Lauren finished a few minutes before me, and she started stretching. I joined her, and we walked to two weight machines. I put mine on fifty pounds each. Lauren did the same.

We were weightlifting for about ten minutes when we heard people close by.

“Yeah. Those girls are cute,” one voice said.

“They’re in shape, and they’re both lifting fifty pounds. Most girls I know don’t come to the gym, and lift fifty pounds,” the other said.

I heard Lauren stop, and I stopped with her. She took off all of the weights, and moved onto a different machine. I walked with Lauren.

“Was that One Direction talking about us?” I asked.

“It sounded like them,but mainly Louis, and Liam,” Lauren responded.

“Yeah. Let’s just block them out until, we’re done practicing for the marathon. Okay?”


We practiced for another hour or so, and we stretched. We walked passed One Direction, and we had towels over our shoulders, and we were carrying our water bottles. Lauren reached the door, and started to open it, when we heard voices.


We both turned, and saw Liam, and Louis running towards us.

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