Storm: the Witch of Fate

On a dark and stormy night Vina's life changes forever. Always since birth she was neglected to her older sister Tristy but on that stormy night Vina get's the best news of her life, her sister was in a car accident on the brink of life and death. But soon Vina learns she's the one who caused the storm that caused the accident, their family has a long history of witch craft and the second born is always the most powerful.


7. 7



We all went to the drawing room to sit and talk about everything that had unfolded recently. Trayce and David stayed at my side, Michael kept a distance from his father, maybe it was all the lightning strikes to the chest, but he was acting differently. I just couldn't place a finger on how he was different, was he more queit? I shrugged and addressed my uncle,


"Uncle Robby, what did you mean by that episode in the kitchen when you saw Trayce?"


"I'm the one who told Tristy that Trayce was the eldest and least powerful because he was um adopted.  She took that as, he doesn't belong so he must die."


"For Goddess' Sake Rob!" my mother said, "Trayce wasn't adopted, technically he belonged to a close friend of ours. They died. We took him in. I thought I couldn't ever have children. I love Trayce and when he died, I didn't know what to do. But I had two witches to care for." She turned to me, and continued. "Storm I love you. I know I may have not shown it while your sister was alive, but I do very much love you. You do not know your own power yet. But you will. And you have everyone in this room's help."


"Mother, when you say 'you do not know your own power yet' what exactly do you mean?"


"It means that your power, is vast and nobody knows how powerful you really are." my father spoke up. 


"Do you mind uh teaching me? Because two lines of witches have come together to create me. How powerful are the two lines?" They were silent and finally Uncle Robby spoke,


"Your father and I are powerful in our own right, our family has been around for centuries. Over the years we became more and more powerful. Then your father met your mother. She by herself was very powerful, being the second born. Now the clan of Montgomery was powerful but since your mother belonged to the clan of Wolffange she was ever more powerful. So when your sister was born she had more power than she was supposed to, and you, we had to bound your powers to your sisters life, until your seventeenth birthday."


"You've kept this from me this whole time? First you don't tell David he's a magical creature, and now I've learned that Trayce was adopted and I'm the most powerful witch known demand. But I have to focus on school because what if my power runs out? What if I'm cursed and my power is taken from me? I need to focus on my boyfriend and getting used to the fact that my dead brother is not so dead now. When Trayce died he was only seventeen. He needs to go back to high school, but he can't because um he 'died' and it would freak people out. Home schooling sounds good."


"I'll get home schooled but what about colleges, I'm sure they would have been notified about my death."


"We'll change your name and say your Trayce's cousin or something. It will explain your looks." my mother said. 


"What's my name?"


"Eragon Montgomery."


"Eragon? Fine. My name is Eragon." Trayce left the room, and would be enrolled in the school first thing in the morning so he could start as soon as summer break was over, I left the room as well and David followed. It was nice to see Uncle Robby and Michael but I just wanted to sleep. When David and I were alone he pulled me towards the pool. My swim suit still underneath all my clothes. 


"I think we were interrupted too many times a couple days ago. Now that everything is somewhat normal let's continue where we left off."


"Alright." I let him pull me towards the pool. 


When we reached the double French doors that led to the pool area, I stripped down to my bikini and jumped into the pool. And David followed shortly after. He swam towards me until I was in the corner, and when his lips touched mine I felt like I was in a whole new world, one filled with love, and a different kind of magic the kind that only a boyfriend or someone you absolutely love with no exceptions can make you feel. 


"Dave, I love you." I looked into his eyes, and they told me everything. That even though I cast a spell on him, it didn't matter to him. He loved me unconditionally. Sure he got scared because of what I was, but it didn't change who I was. 


"Storm, I love you too. Unconditionally, even if you cast a thousand spells on me, I will always love you."


"What happens after high school?"


"We go to college, we find jobs. You fine tune your powers, and I'll be right along side you. When everything is going smoothly we'll get married, have two children and spend the rest of our lives together." I looked into his eyes and smiled, he loved me, he really loved me.


"What will our children's names be?"


"For a girl Ana, for a boy Angelo, for the second born, Annabeta, or Matthew."


"I like it." I kissed him again, and as the sun came to its climax, my father came out to start the grill. "Papa, what's for dinner?"




"That sounds, magical." I laughed. 


"Aren't you two cold? Its the end of August."


"We live in sunny California daddy. I'm never cold."

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