Storm: the Witch of Fate

On a dark and stormy night Vina's life changes forever. Always since birth she was neglected to her older sister Tristy but on that stormy night Vina get's the best news of her life, her sister was in a car accident on the brink of life and death. But soon Vina learns she's the one who caused the storm that caused the accident, their family has a long history of witch craft and the second born is always the most powerful.


5. 5

I awoke to find Michael and Trayce hovering over me worried expressions on their young faces. Where was David? Almost like Trayce could read my mind he said


"David will be back soon, he had to run home for a bit so his mom wouldn't worry."


"You've been out for hours we had to call your parents in Tokyo their on the next flight back home."


"You did what! Now they will know I was in the Forbidden Wing! My life is now officially over!"


"Calm down Vina! We didn't tell them what happened they'll be a bit surprised to see me sure."


"Oh crap I didn't think about that. Trayce wow you look so well not dead."


"Uh thanks to you Vi, I feel so normal and you, you developed so uh well and Michael holy crap man!" Michael blushed and I felt another presence David was back.


"David! Oh my God I brought Trayce back! I did it!" David stood uncomfortable in my doorway looking down at his shoes.


"David, man what is the matter?" Trayce said.


"I need to talk to Vina for a little while...alone." crap he is going to break up with me.


"If you hurt her you'll be dealing with me and Mikey."


"Yea I understand." Trayce and Michael left the room reluctant to enter any further, David walked slowly to my bed and stopped at my closet doors, half way a crossed my ginormous room.


"Talk, I guess I figured this would happen after you found out." tears welled up in my eyes threatening to spill over.


"Vina I-I need some time to think you know? You can't expect me to just accept something so huge! You basically killed your sister! You brought back your brother from the dead!"


"You don't think I know that? I killed my only sister, granted she was evil and everything but still she was my sister! Sure I brought back the only sibling that gave a crap about me, and he was more like a father than anything! I lost you once David, I don't think I can do it again but it's your choice just know that I'm the Witch of Fate I'm in control of your death, your fortune, fame and love."


"You're not serious are you blackmailing into staying in this relationship?"


"No how dare you! I'm not Tristy!" my anger flared and wind whipped around me, candles blew out, lights flickered and David cowered.

A voice that did not belong to me or was never used before escape my chapped uncolored lips,

"I can be your greatest ally or your greatest fear, I can be your lover, or your murderer, I am everything you want, anything you desire." I collapsed onto my pillows, the lights dulling around me, the picture having a black frame closing in until I was nowhere in that plane. I dream t I know that and I dreamed something so real, I thought it was, 


David held me in his arms at a distance for there a was a bump between us, it was eight years into the future we were married, happy my hair was black and my eyes a deep emerald green.


I  was woken by a splash of water from the cup on my bedside. My eyes open quickly and I sputtered gasping for breath. I looked and saw a worried stricken David and Trayce and a passed out Michael on my white shag rug. What the hell happened?


"Vina don't do that! Your hair it's black!"


"What no! My blonde hair! Wait why is David still here I thought he broke up with me?"


"I changed my mind darling, how can I leave someone like you?"


"YOU tried to break up with my sister, what happened to not hurting her? Look what you freaking did you jerk!" Trayce yelled getting in David's face. Michael shot up and looked livid at David also. 


"You d-bag! I should rip your eyes out! You were so in love a few hours ago and just because you found out she's a witch you want to break up with her?" I looked at David as if to say 'I told you he's protective.' I smiled and said


"Get him boys he broke my itty bitty heart!" Michael and Trayce pounced and poor David didn't stand a chance but I wanted him alive so I snapped my fingers and said 


"Put him in the Forbidden Library." David screamed all the way and I slowly sighed and climbed out of bed to my closet...and thought nobody breaks up with Selvina 'Storm' Aphrodite 'Montgomery without punishment.


I dressed slowly in no hurry, I picked a sexy little tank top and my black holey shorts and my black ankle boots. I slowly did my hair in a spunky layered do and applied my best Gothic make up. When I was satisfied with my sexy self I telaported to my Forbidden Library through a portal I made only a minute ago. When I stepped through the other side David was in a ray of moonlight tied tightly to a chair with chains. Trayce and Michael hidden in the shadows. I know this sounds over the top but I'm a witch I don't take these kind of things lightly. David looked up when he saw the flash of black light from the many bookcases. Tears streamed down his perfect face, and he was bruised and bloody from the beat-down. When I was close enough to kneel down in front of him I whispered


"You see what happens when you're closed minded? You see my family and people like me have been hunted for centuries, like people such as yourself. People who refused to accept difference, change."


"That wasn't me! I can accept you Vina! I love you forever even if you kill me!"


"Kill you? I'm no monster. I want you to understand, I'm powerful, and I need someone to love to control it, to keep my anger in check."


"I can be that person just please release me." I turned to Michael and then Trayce they nodded as if to say 'okay go ahead'


"Alright but your on probation. One stray eye at a girl's butt and you're gone."

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