Storm: the Witch of Fate

On a dark and stormy night Vina's life changes forever. Always since birth she was neglected to her older sister Tristy but on that stormy night Vina get's the best news of her life, her sister was in a car accident on the brink of life and death. But soon Vina learns she's the one who caused the storm that caused the accident, their family has a long history of witch craft and the second born is always the most powerful.


3. 3

There was a pause I could see them eyeing each other, Michael is very protective of me and always stood up to Tristy when he could but he’s seven years older than me so he’s been gone and I’ve been tortured without my protector. My Michael my fallen angel, now I had David another fallen angel. Where did I fit into this duo of good? I felt so normal so insignificant. But deep down I knew I was significant that accident wasn’t an accident. I may have been wishing she could be a nice sister but deep down I was wishing she would die. I knew I caused it but I just didn’t know how. I needed answers and where else but my family’s forbidden library? 



“I have an idea. Mom said no parties she didn’t say we couldn’t explore the mansion.”


“What are you suggesting Vina?” Michael said


“Let’s find the forbidden library.” I said smiling, the devil peeking through.


“Sounds fun. I’’ve only been in your room and kitchen Vina.”


“You’ve been in-“ I stopped myself Michael didn’t need to know Tristy’s last acts of evil right now. “never-mind.”


“Let’s go.” Michael said walking towards the giant house that held all my question’s answers. I grabbed David’s hand and followed.


“There’s a map of the mansion in Daddy’s study.” I called out to Michael.

“So why the sudden interest in the ‘Forbidden Library’?”


"I don’t know just something I wanted to find for some time David.” I smiled at him, I didn’t want to tell him I thought my grandmother was right about the second born in this family being the most powerful witch, I didn’t even believe in witches.


It was just that the accident didn’t seem like just an accident the sudden surprise storm, the knocking on the door, the accident when I was thinking how cool it would be if David and Tristy would get into a car accident and only David survived? Coincidence? I think not. All the time we were walking I didn’t remove my eyes from David’s face. I was scared that if I was right, if I was a witch he wouldn’t love me and this would be the last time I saw him. From time to time I would look at Michael, it already has been a half an hour since we left the pool and we’re still travelling to Daddy’s study. I told you this house was huge. When we finally did make it to the study the map was hanging in a picture frame above his desk almost two inches from the ceiling, cutting it a little close huh dad? I had David get up and get it because Michael and I are wusses and hate heights. When he had retrieved it from the frame we examined it and I whistled I live here and I didn’t know where half of these rooms are. I traced with my finger from the study to the Forbidden Library which on the map was correctly named ‘forbidden library.’ How stupid can this family get? After I memorized the whole thing I gently picked it back up and gently set it down in the frame, I taped down the edges and gave the frame a once over and handed it back to David to hang up.


“Ready?” he said when he returned to the ground again. I looked around and nodded to Michael and he nodded to me,


“As ready as ever.” I told him with smile. The smile was fake of course, I was deathly afraid of the stories I heard about the wing of the mansion we were journeying into. We set out I was holding hands with David and Michael and we walked like that. I was smart enough to copy the map onto a separate piece of paper, I referenced a couple times then I would lead them in a different direction. I was glad there were guest bedrooms throughout our route, because if it takes me an hour to get to the pool and a half an hour to the study, can you imagine going all the way to a different wing? From the few windows we passed I could tell the time, my family didn’t own any clocks or watches the only way I know the time is my laptop and cell phone. It was twilight outside so we’ve been walking for almost three hours but when I looked at my make-shift map I knew we were at least close. I stopped at adjacent bedrooms and asked the boys if they wanted to call it a night, They both nodded vigorously and Michael went into the smaller of the rooms and David and I took the larger. After we fell onto the bed, there was no talking no moving no kissing. Just snores and blissful, dreamless sleep. I only woke up when I felt David move next to me, I got up and saw the moon high in the sky, storm clouds rolling in. Angry I got up and went over to him wondering why he woke me up. When I got to where he was I saw a dead, forlorn look in his usually lit up smiling eyes. Instead of their deep blue they were pitch black to match the night sky, but without the twinkling stars to lighten it. I shook him trying to snap him out of it. 


“What are you doing Vina?” I looked into his eyes again and they were normal, I stepped away from him scarred out of my mind. How in the world did his eyes do that? Why did he look so, so dead? Why doesn’t he remember? “Vina sweetheart what is it?”


“Your eyes, they were….”


“They were what?”


“Dead, black, sad looking. Evil.” The last word caught me by surprise I hadn’t meant to say it, heck I didn’t even think it, but now that I heard it, I believed it. I knew deep down that whatever possessed David was evil and it was because of this wing. In Latin I remember my grandmother telling me this phrase about this wing ‘Malum cornu Montgomery mansione’ or ‘The Evil Wing of the Montgomery Mansion’ I’ve never been back here since. It was evil it possessed people. We had to get out. I know I’m a witch I know it everyone knows it. This was a sign from the other-side, the dead side. I grabbed David’s hand and I ran to Michael’s room. He was fast asleep cuddling with one of the giant pillows, was he visited too? Or is this just something he does? I shook my head and went over to his side and shook him awake, he instantly awoke and looked at me and then at David.


“What’s going on? It’s not morning yet. Are we starting early?”


“Yes let’s go. The earlier we start the sooner we can get out of this wing.”


“What do you mean? It was your idea to come,” he questioned me.


“I forgot what my grandmother used to call it. The Evil Wing of the Montgomery Mansion, the witches wing.”


“Oh. That’s all make believe Vina, David and I won’t anything happen to you. Right David?”


“Of course.” I grabbed both their hands and we started out. I remembered to bring a flashlight so I could still read the map. 


“We're almost there,” I said after maybe an hour or so. I heard their mumbled replies and I trudged deeper into the darkness of my past. Finally remembering the brother I lost, my parents tried to cover it up because I’m the one who killed him. Tristy tricked me into it I know she did. I loved Trayce. He was my little hero, the one I could go to and feel safe. Trayce was older than both Tristy and I when I, we killed him he was fifteen. Tristy was twelve and I was nine. She told me it was only a game that nobody would get hurt. But he’s dead, DEAD because he didn’t want to play catch the bowling ball by the window like Tristy wanted. So she threw the ball at him anyway when he was walking back to his room, the room I was staying in. And it hit his head and blood spurted everywhere and she told me It was my fault for being born that everything was fine before I came along and ruined everything. She told me that Trayce would always play her games when I wasn’t around. She told me that I killed him, that I’m to blame so I took the blame I got a slap on the wrist. But now I can’t really tell the cops that it was Tristy who did it, she’s dead to. All my siblings are dead it seems.

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