Storm: the Witch of Fate

On a dark and stormy night Vina's life changes forever. Always since birth she was neglected to her older sister Tristy but on that stormy night Vina get's the best news of her life, her sister was in a car accident on the brink of life and death. But soon Vina learns she's the one who caused the storm that caused the accident, their family has a long history of witch craft and the second born is always the most powerful.


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          It was a dark and stormy night and I had just gotten to bed. When I heard my doorbell ring. Odd I thought to myself as I went downstairs to see who it was, thinking it was my sister who forgot her key. My sister was always forgetting that forsaken key. That stupid jock of a boyfriend of hers rushing her around. Finally, the door stupid big unnecessary house it took you an hour just to get to the pool from my room! I opened the bolted door to reveal the visitor. Of course it wasn't my sister. It was the local sheriff. 

"Hello Misty is your parents’ home?"


"My name isn't Misty Sheriff. Its Vina what's this about? My father has a very important business meeting in the morning and I have to wait up for my sister Tristy." My actual name is Selvina but nobody cares enough to bother to learn it anyway. They always assume my name rhymes with my sisters. So they all call me Misty.


"That's why I'm here, your sister Tristy was in a horrible car crash, the doctors believe she won't make it  to morning. Her boyfriend is beside himself he can't believe it, He loves her so much little one."


"I'm not little I'm freaking fifteen years old, alright I'll go get my mother and father." I left and I invited him to sit in the drawing room. I hated waking them up. Plus Tristy is their pride and joy; after she's gone I won't exist,


"Mom, Dad? It’s Tristy! The sheriff has something to tell you!" That got them out of bed and dressed. They ran down the stairs pushing me into the mirror shattering it great now I have cuts everywhere. I followed them waiting for their reactions. All I heard was laughing? But why are they laughing? I came closer and listened.


"Tristy got what she deserved. Playing us like that. I'm surprised that her sister hasn't died from lack of love and support."


"I'm sorry? But Tristy is your oldest daughter correct?"


"Well yes but we want Vina to grow and strive in our family the second born is the favored we just acted like Tristy was our pride and joy for appearances."


"Well that makes since but you still love her right?"


"Of course we'll get Vina and we'll go down to the hospital." I hurried and wiped the blood form my face and arms and hurried to go to them to see Tristy. 


 I wondered if Tristy knew she was only an appearance and I was the real favored angel.

"Come along Vina my angel." mother sang from the doorway.


"Ha-ha I hope Tristy dies! That boyfriend of hers is better off. Tristy stole him from our little Vina too. Vina was so depressed wouldn't come out of her room." my father said as I walked into the drawing room, I noticed that the sheriff was already gone and we were about to leave when the phone rang I answered it was the hospital.


"Is this the Montgomery residence?"


"Yes, can I ask who's speaking?"


"It’s the General McArthur

Hospital it’s about Tristiana Montgomery,"


"Yes what about Tristy?"


"Well as you know I hope that Tristy was in a horrible accident and well she passed away a couple of minutes ago and by protocol you and your family have to claim the body by noon tomorrow. Or she'll be cremated and put into the community cemetery."


"My father wouldn't like that. We'll be right there." I hung and told my father that we had to go claim Tristy's body and he laughed and laughed.


"Okay we'll get the body in the morning. Let's get some sleep." I smiled  finally they cared more for me then Tristy I know David her boyfriend is devastated unless he's in on it with my parents and only went out with her for appearances. I stilled loved David don't get me wrong but it would be weird dating my dead sister’s boyfriend but on the other hand he was mine first.

The next morning the storm made a good sized puddle in the front drive way that loops around like in the movies. My father was upset about it but I could care less my wicked sister was dead I felt like singing the wicked witch is dead from the Wizard of Oz. When her funeral finally came the day was cheerful at my house the whole family wore bright colors, the people thought we were trying to be cheerful because that's what Tristy would've wanted. Yeah right we were happier than happy for her to be dead. Of course at the funeral her best friends and all the sports teams got up to speak about her, I laughed at what the Goths said about her. This one Goth chick who happened to be my really close friend her name was Raven Kingston and her speech to me was hilarious.


"Tristy Lyn Montgomery was a perky happy spoiled bitch who got everything she wanted. Everyone loved her except her little sister but you see her sister had a reason for not loving her older sister. Her older sister treated her like crap and made her, her slave and stole everything she owned or loved. David Michael Volrov was in love with Vina until he was blackmailed into dating Tristy. It broke Vina's heart to see them together and whenever David and Vina were together it was the good old times before Tristy found out Vina was more mature then her in some areas of life. Tristiana blackmailed both parties of the couple into breaking up and David had to go out with Tristy and if he didn't she would tell their parents. Vina was afraid of her parents then and didn't say anything.


So you see I hate Tristiana Lyn Montgomery for many reasons some not my own but their still good reasons nobody hurts my best friends and I may be Goth but that doesn't stop me from being best friends with the richest girl in town. Vina Aphrodite Montgomery."


I was laughing through some but when she go to the part about David and I, I turned beet red and everyone turned to look at me and some had disgust in their faces some had sympathy. I didn't care I got up for my speech. I made it sound like Tristy was a monster from Hell but really she was but not in the literal sense.


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