Upside down

Amanda is just a regular girl with a normal life...then she wins tickets to a one direction concert and her whole world is turned upside down


8. chapter 7


I stood there next to the stage as I watched the boys preform. I couldn't help but smile whenever Louis would sneak a glance at me during the show it made me so happy to think that he was thinking about me. When they finally got off stage louis came right over to me.


"so how did we do? Was it ok or did it suck?"


"oh louis i dont know how to say this..." His face fell and i had to hold back my laughter, "it was amazing" his face lit up at my words




"yeah it was perfect"


"why thank you" he said turning back into his regular self. "So listen i was won-" whatever he was going to say was cut off by lila yelling my name.


"amanda where are you lets go! If i dont get some sleep soon i will kill you" i laughed at her before turning to louis


"well id better go or i wont be alive tomorrow. It was nice meeting you and the others" i turned around and started to walk over to lila when louis stopped me.


"wait! How about you come home with me and ill drive you home later"


"id love to"




"id love to"


"i mean its fine if you sa- wait did you say yes"


"yeah id love to just let me go tell lila or she'll have my head" she said before turning around to go find lila. I did a little fist pump before i turned around to find harry.


"harry guess what"


"hmm, im guessing that it has something to do with amanda"


"yeah shes coming over to my flat for a while before i take her home"


"hey louis im ready" i started to turn around to go to amanda when harry stopped me


with a serious look on his face he said, "just remember to use protection" i rolled my eyes and walked over to amanda. 


"So shall we go"


"yes we shall"with that we walked out to my car and i opened the door for her and when she got in i closed it and ran over to my side starting the car. I hope this goes well and if it doesnt...well im not gonna think about that.



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