Upside down

Amanda is just a regular girl with a normal life...then she wins tickets to a one direction concert and her whole world is turned upside down


6. Chapter 5

Amanda's P.O.V


i could feel my cheeks heating with embarrassment and my mouth dropping with shock as he look at me with an unreadable expression


Louos' P.O.V


when she saw who i was she blushed and her mouth dropped damn she look so cute! I wouldnt be surprized if i was drooling. "Hi."


"H-hi" she stuttered.


"you must be amanda, right?"


"yes im amanda"


"well i heard that you can sing can you tell me if im right?" Her cheeks just got a deeper red as i kept talking.


"hmm, sorry but youd be wrong i cant sing at all"


"hm, whatever, everyone can sing. So why dont you show me what you can do?"god louis what the hell is wrong with you?!? She's gorgeous so she probably has a boyfriend already and the first thing you do is flirt with her!! What is wrong with you?!?


"i-i dont think thats a good idea. I dont want to ruin anybody's hearing"


"hmm, tell you what you and your friends can watch the concert from backstage if you sing for me" she just stood there and it took her a minute to respond.




"i said-"


"i know what you said i just cant believe that your serious..."


"so is that a yes"


"fine but just so that we can watch the concert backstage and on one condition."




we leave the room. I cant sing infront of so many people."


"ok, lets go."




ok so yeah! Early update like three four days early but i had time so i did it anyway and now im gonna go write the next chapter now im on a role but watch now that ive saud that im gonna have writers block sooooo bad later on but see ya later comment please id like the feedback to see how this is going but anyway its like midnight and ive got school tomorrow so writing the next chapter and off to bed night


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