Upside down

Amanda is just a regular girl with a normal life...then she wins tickets to a one direction concert and her whole world is turned upside down


2. Chapter 2 (sorry not very good with names)



Those three days we waited felt like a million. It passed soooo slowly cause school is out for spring break. But when the day finally came we couldn't stop moving. When it was time to leave Dustin came and picked us up and took us to the concert.


When we got to the concert we showed a lady our backstage passes and she took us to a room where the meet and greet would be held. There wasn't as many people there as i thought there would be but, there was still a sufficient amount of girls there. Poor Dustin he was the only guy in the room.


i was just randomly singing 'does he know' by that one band that i cant remember, when Nicky and Rose start screaming from across the room.


"Amanda, you sing really well!"i was blushing furiously about to yell back at them to shut up but the kept going. "Sing like that in front of Louis and he will instantly fall in love with you!!"


"Shut up, Nic-" I was cut off by the door swinging open and the boys from one direction walked in.

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