Upside down

Amanda is just a regular girl with a normal life...then she wins tickets to a one direction concert and her whole world is turned upside down


3. Authors note

Omgosh i just found out today that my dad bought us tickets to a one direction concert!!!! I am  freakin out!!!!!!! And since i live in Michigan (especially from where i come from) there will never be another chance like this im sooooooooo happy!!!!! Unfortunatly its not till agust 16th oh well only 9 months to go. 


Also im sorry my chapters arent very long i just cant write them long hope thats ok.


by the way im not a fan of super long authors notes one of my fav authors, i love her but she has freakin 12 trillion page long author note so i'll try to keep mine short. On that note, see ya!

~Amelia (thats my name)

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