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It's the last day of school and today i get to see my brother and his band soo I guess we can start off with my name. Aliza page Tomlinson I'm 17 I have dark brown hair and blue eyes I thank that's all there is to know about me so I'm off to school once I got there Lilly (my best friend)was sitting in her seat the day went by and the last bell rang telling everybody to go home me and Lilly walked home and she went to her house and I went to mine as soon as I walked in the door Louis and four other boys were sitting on the couch Louis ran up to me and we hugged come meet the boys Louis said with so much excitement I followed him to the couch and met the boys mom can Aliza come and stay at the hotel me and the boys are going to stay for a couple of months Louis said well I guess mom replied I ran to my room and packed we jumped in the car when we arrived at the hotel we went to the room it was huge ok so who will be rooming with who Liam asked well Aliza can have her own room...

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