One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines, if you want a request comment

What You Look Like (Eye color and Hair color):


2. ~Imagine 2~ Niall

Imagine #2

"God! I'm so mad at him!" (Y/B/F) (Your best friend's name) yells up to the sky as you both continue to jog around town.

"What'd he do now?" You ask looking back to her. Your Friend and her boyfriend haven't really been getting along lately and all you've been hearing was her complaining about it.

"He just can't accept the fact that I was right and he was wrong" she says. You roll your eyes in annoyance. You continue to jog ignoring your complaining friend. You need to focus. You run Track at your school and you've been trying to do everything in your power to win the next competition your coach puts on. You continue running. Every word your friend is saying is annoying the living hell outta you, so each word she says you pick up your pace more and more and more when suddenly, THUMP! You fall to the ground scraping your knees, hands, and elbows, even some bruises will be left. You suddenly sit up and start crying like a baby! It's so embarrassing, you look around to find the source if the thump and you see a soccer ball rolling around on the ground. You continue to sob when you hear footsteps speeding toward you.

"I am so so so sorry!" An Irish accent says you still sob. The tears blurring your vision so you can't see. "I'm really sorry, what can I do to help?" The voice asks

"can you... Please...get some bandages?" You ask sniffling between words

"of course, come on" he says lifting you from the ground and carrying you into a trailer.

"Who's that?" A British accent asks

"I'm (Y/N)" you say trying to wipe the tears.

"Niall what did you do to this poor girl!?!" Another voice chimes in, British obviously. We head to a couple chairs and you sit down wiping tears away and you come to view to the most gorgeous blue eyes ever. These eyes are completely unmistakable. They're the eyes of Niall James Horan...

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