Kitty Kat: A Batman Fanfiction {Book I in the Kids of Gotham Series}

It was just one time. Just once. Will Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, be able to squirm her way out of this one? {Batman X Catwoman. Rated Y for suggested sex and slight language}


2. Chapter Two

Selina flashed Bruce Wayne a stunning smile as she entered his car, taking care not to wrinkle her loosely fitting black evening gown.

"Bruce. . . ." she started, and Bruce turned to her at the next stoplight.

"Yes, Selina?"

Selina took a deep breath. "Bruce, do you want kids?"

Bruce suddenly hit the breaks and turned to face her. "What brought that up?" he demanded.

Selina shrugged. "Hey, as long as I'm dating you, marriage is a possibility. I want to know if I'm going to have to bear your kids someday."

Bruce visibly calmed, returning to a relaxed position. "I never thought about it, really. I'd never be home for them. Maybe. Probably not willingly, but if a kid were conceived on accident I'd gladly welcome it into the Wayne family."

Selina nodded slowly.

She would stop by the drugstore after this date. And if she was, indeed, pregnant, she'd discuss it with Bruce.

*~Three hours later~*

Selina swaggered into the drugstore and quickly bought two pregnancy tests. Two, to be sure. She thanked the man over the corner and hurried out.

She ran home and did something the author is not comfortable describing.

She stared at the test.

It was positive.

Panicked, she took the other one. It was possible as well.

Selina looked back and forth between them with a shocked and frightened expression on her face.

Then she promptly fainted.

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