Never been kissed (one direction)

I just a normal nineteen year old girl named Mariam who dreams of her first kiss will she find the perfect guy?will she have the kiss of her dreams?read this to find out BTW I am Muslim


5. getting ready

Zayn's p.o.v

I was so excited that I ran all the way to the house . I told Liam about everything that happened and he was happy for me , but he was worried. I don't know why but ever since he broke up with Danielle he was afraid that he will never love again . I went to ask Louis for some advice. He thought that I was crazy for a minute , but then he understood and started playing a game by a saying omg (in a girly way)zayiny poo has drinking problems Harry come here quick there is a problem .harry came back and said

" WTF happened "

" Zaynie Waynie found a girl in the street and asked her out " Louis said acting like a father

" Zayn you know the rules no dating girls from the streets "Harry said acting like a mother

Zayn saw where this was going so he said sounding like a child"but mother"

Mariam's point of view

I had mixed emotions she didn't know what to feel excitement or pain

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