Country Boy

Alex has always dreamed on that perfect cowboy that takes her heart away. Her boyfriend, Liam has always been there for Alex ever since she was a little girl growing up on her momma's ranch. Liam, never told Alex that he was in the Boy Band One Direction. Will Alex agree and lose her best friends at the ranch? Or, will she jeopardize their relationship and stay at the ranch she grew up on?


4. That Night

The next morning after I woke up, Liam wasn't there. I got up out of bed and there was a note left on the dresser next to me. "Hey Babe, me and the boys went to Nandos. We didn't want to wake you. We will be back in about 10 minutes. Love you, hope your feeling better".-Liam.

Whenever I was finished reading the note, I recieved a phone call from Harry.

"Hey Alex, we got caught in an accident. We will be home in 30 minutes. Hope you're feeling better, if you need any food or anything. There is some money on the counter, Liam is on his way home. Don't cause any trouble, you're friend Anne called checking up on you, making sure that you're Ok."

"I'll try my hardest, to stay out of trouble. I'll call Anne later whenever Liam gets home. Bye Hazzy. Love you and see you later tonight. XOXO."

"Bye Baby Girl. Love you and miss you XOXO. "

As I ended the phone call with Harry the key hole to the hotel door started turning. The door opened and stood there was Liam. I ran towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck and he kissed me on the cheek.

"Baby girl I've missed you so much! I am so glad that you are back home with us tonight. You are the love of my life, and I can't wait until we get married." Liam said with his British and raspy voice.

"Babe, I am so glad that I am here with you. Do you remember when you asked me if I was going to marry you, but I would jeopardize my horses. Well.... I've made my decision. Yes, I will marry you, but I get to see my horses every time possible."

He wrapped his arms around my neck, and started nibbling on my neck. He told me that he had always wanted to do this with me. He started taking my clothes off, and took me to the spare room.

Next thing I noticed, everything went black.

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