Country Boy

Alex has always dreamed on that perfect cowboy that takes her heart away. Her boyfriend, Liam has always been there for Alex ever since she was a little girl growing up on her momma's ranch. Liam, never told Alex that he was in the Boy Band One Direction. Will Alex agree and lose her best friends at the ranch? Or, will she jeopardize their relationship and stay at the ranch she grew up on?


3. Never Forgotten

I turned around and it was Nick.

"Can I go with you? I know that you want to be by yourself but I haven't seen you in a while." Nick said like he was going to do something unexpected.

"Sur----e." I looked up and Nick's lips were on mine. What was I doing? Why is he doing this to me!? I hurried and pulled out.

 I started running to the stables where Bolt was. I put his western sattle on, and hopped on him. My friend Anna was in the barn cleaning off another set of horses, and she opened the barn doors for me. Whenever those doors opened, I was off.




"Hello Liam Payne, I believe that we have found your fiance in the woods with her horse beside her. The horse is fine but we believe that your fiance is possibly dead or in a coma. There was cuts and wounds on her wrists. We believe that she is possibly suicidal and trying to kill herself. We are taking the horse back to the barn, we are taking your fiance to Baylor, in Dallas Texas." The police officer explained to me.

"Thank you, I will be up there in a little bit." I said as I started to tear up and started crying.


"Hey boys, It's Liam. I just got a call from the police here, they told me that Alex is in the hospital at Baylor. I am going to go up there and go see her. I will call you guys later when I get more news."

"Later," all the boys said at the same time.

After the call ended I hopped into the car and sped to the hospital, whenever I got there I asked the lady at the front desk.

"Hello, I am here to see Alex Hitch."

"Yes, why sir, she is in room 1. Just take a left of the restrooms, and take a right down the hall, and room 1 should be right there."

"Thank you ma'am." So, I took a left at the restrooms, and took a right down the hall, and found room 1. There was a bunch of people in there, I made my way through the crowd of people. As, I stood there, Alex was lying in the bed with an IV in her arm. I walked to her bed side, I picked up her arm and there was cuts on her wrists. Cut into her arm was written 'LIAM, I LOVE YOU.' She looked up at me and there were tears in her eyes.


"Baby, I love you so much, but you lied to me. I trusted you with my whole heart, and all you do is betray me." I said as he looked down on me, and kissed my hand. As he kissed my hand, the doctor walked in, the crowds of people left. The doctor pulled Liam aside, and whispered to him.

"Hello sir, your fiance Alex is ready to go home, she is on some anti-depressent pills. Make sure she is taking them twice daily. She is going to be out of it for a few days since she was in care."

"Thank you sir, you deeds have been gratefully appreciated."

As the doctor was finished talking to Liam, the doctor walked over to me and tooked my IV out and made sure that I took my pills. Whenever the doctor took out my IV, Liam walked over to me and picked me out of my bed. He brought an extra pair of clothes with him, so he took them out of his backpack. He took me to the restroom in my room, and locked the door behind us so no one walks in on us. He took my night gown off that I had been in for the night, he took of the clothes that I was in the woods. He took the shirt and put it around my head, it was a cute green, and pink stripped pajama shirt. He took the pajama pants on that matched with the top that I was wearing. He unlocked the door, and took me to the front receptions desk. He had picked me up bridal style, and took me to his car. He opened the door, and put me in, he closed the door behind me and walked to the drivers side. He turned the car on, and started pulling out of the hospital parking lot. He turned on the radio and turned it to the radio station 96.3. Our song was on "The Trouble With Girls, by Scotty McCreery." I leaned my head on his shoulder, he kissed my forhead and I fell alseep.


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