Country Boy

Alex has always dreamed on that perfect cowboy that takes her heart away. Her boyfriend, Liam has always been there for Alex ever since she was a little girl growing up on her momma's ranch. Liam, never told Alex that he was in the Boy Band One Direction. Will Alex agree and lose her best friends at the ranch? Or, will she jeopardize their relationship and stay at the ranch she grew up on?


1. Summer Air

Alex's P.O.V The warm blazing Texas summer air blowing through my hair. My hands in the air, windows down, cowboy boots, and denim shorts are all a cowgirl wants. He looked at me, his warm brown eyes never seemed so beautiful, except in this moment, everything felt like eternity. Liam Payne, every girl tried to catch his attention, but I was the one that he chose, the one that he wanted to get to know better. His voice spoke, the words flowing through his mouth, his voice so deep but so sexy. "I love you baby girl, there is no one else that I want to spend my life with, only you. Tonight I am preforming  down at the county fair, I told them that you are gonna go horseback riding on Jumper. You are going to look so fantastic, I can't believe that you are my everything, I never imagined anything like that!" He glances at me, he grabs my hand and holds it the whole way home. His hand smooth, warm, and soft like a baby's butt, I don't want anybody else but him. As we continued to drive down the desserted one way road, we had finally reach the out house. I was staying here by myself, just to take care of the horses cause I couldn't stand no being with them. I energetically unbuckle my seatbelt and hop out of his black Dodge pickup, and I ran to the drivers side and opened the door for him. He unbuckled himself, and turned the truck off and pick me up and spun me around, kissing me no matter who or what was watching us. I quickly ran to the barn, I got my western sattle and Liam's eastern sattle and put them on Jumper and Liam's horse Dase. I went to the bathroom, and put on my horseback riding outfit, once I got dressed I put Jumpers sattle blanket on, making sure that it was winkle free. I put her sattle on her, making sure that the billet straps are secure. Next, I make sure that her reins are on securley and properly, I put her bit in her mouth and making sure that I put her bridle over her ears, then I buckle the nose pierce and the throat latch and she's ready to ride! Liam always knew how to tack up Dase, since we have been dating for about five months now. I took Jumper out to the post and began to jump her. Her canter was the most beautiful and majestic thing I have ever seen. I've been riding her since I was about five and now that I'm eighteen, things are starting to ease up. Once, I rode her for about an hour, Liam jumps off Dase and calls me over." Hey Alex, I  was wondering since we have been dating for the last two years, that you would marry me. You have been the best girlfriend that anyone could have asked for, and I don't want to spend the rest of my life with someone other than you. So, would you marry me........?" As, I see him getting on one knee and pulling out a black box with a 14 inch carrot diamond ring that sparkled when the sun hit it. 

"Oh my goodness. That is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen." I said as I picked it up off of the black box that had enclosed the diamond ring. "Of course I will!!!" I said as he put the diamond ring on my finger with the perfect fit. He got up, and we kissed like we have never kissed before! He's lips were so soft, and moist and our tongues met and it was amazing! 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I will post more, just been busy! I will keep you posted!

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