Highschool would a whole lot easier if you didn't have 5 totally different guys chasing after you. Especially when they basically all hate each other. When your a freshman it's your year to make and lose friendships that will last for four years. No pressure.


4. Third period.


Everyone starts to get up when the teacher scolds, "the bell does not dismiss you! I do!"

I hurry and pick up the pencil that was thrown at me and sit back down.

-5 seconds of uncomfortable silence-

"Now you may leave."

"Thank goodness." Charity breaths.

I look at the pencil and notice there is a tiny post it wrapped around it.

I unroll it and read:

Meet me in front of the freshman bathrooms after lunch.

Who wants to meet me there?

I get up for my seat and grab my things.

I scan the people leaving and notice no one I've met today.

I hope a creep doesn't have a crush on me.

I walk out of class and see Zayn.

Wow. He's gorgeous. Despite Louis' random hate for him, Louis' not here right now...

"Hey can you help me with something?" I ask

"Depends. Are you a friend of Louis'?"


"I don't think I can help you."

"Whatever" I force my self to say carelessly as I turn around to find someone else show me where to go.

"On the other hand," he says making me pause, "your pretty cute. I think we could work something out."

I turn around and see him grinning.

"Thanks, I have technology. Where's that?"

"I'm also going there. Follow me babe." He says as he walks away.

I follow Zayn through the door of the technology room and we sit together at the nearest table.

I notice Liam is also in this class.

Our teacher is a very nerdy looking fellow. He goes over the basic steps of how to treat our computers and how he expects us to use them responsibly.

Zayn is already asleep.

Eh, what do you expect?

I sit through the whole class finding myself looking to my side at Zayn to looking over my shoulder at Liam periodically through the class.

Today isn't going to be very productive with me just staring at boys the whole time!

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