Highschool would a whole lot easier if you didn't have 5 totally different guys chasing after you. Especially when they basically all hate each other. When your a freshman it's your year to make and lose friendships that will last for four years. No pressure.


3. Second period.


That's the signal of,

I'm outta here!

I quickly get up from my seat next to Niall in art.

As I grab my back pack he grabs my wrist.

"Sorry if I sounded rude or anything earlier. I'm not to good with meeting new people. Friends?"

"Sure we can be friends," I smile.

This seems to make Niall happy. That's the first time I've seen him smile today.

I fling my backpack across my back and head out the door.

"How was it?" Louis says standing by the door.

"Pretty good, I didn't really pay attention!" I say

"Same here."

We start to walk up the hall as we look at our schedules

"I have English, what about you?" I say

"Ugh. Science. Kill me."

"Well where is English?"

"Right there" he points to the door directly at the end of the hall.

"Oh thank you. Good luck in science!" I say.

We wave goodbye.

I stand in the line outside the door, waiting for the teacher to open it and allow us in.

This teacher must be pretty uptight.

"Hey babe"

I jump.

"Woah woah don't get scared it just me" he grins

"Oh." Is all I can say. My heart beat gets faster I can't believe he is leaning over me.

"What? Cat got your tongue?" Still grinning

I nod yes.

"Come on you two before I send you to detention."

I didn't even realize the teacher had already opened the door.

I scurry inside. And he cooly follows me.

Everyone is standing in a line in the room.

Our teacher, Mrs.Henry, is a short, fat, and bitter old lady.

"Row 1, seat 1, Josh Richards."

She's assigning us seats.

"Row 2, seat 1, Harry Styles."

"Sorry babe I gotta leave ya" he winks at me.

"Row 3, seat 1, Alex- never mind I can't sit you two together. Charity Smith you will sit here."

A short girl with bleach blonde hair walks up to the seat. She's dressed sort of like me.

"Now row 4, seat 1, Alex Monroe."

I walk to my seat and wait for all 30 kids to get there name called.

"Hey. I'm charity," the girl next to me whispers.

"Alex," I say with a smile.

"Your new here aren't you?"

"Yup, everyone seems to notice!" I laugh quietly.

"Well your very pretty so I don't think you'll do to bad!" She grins

"Aw thank you! You too!"

"Wanna sit with me at lunch? I don't really have anyone."

"Sure if my friend Louis can too."

"Why not!" She says

"By the way. When is lunch?"

"After 3rd period."

"Thanks, see you then."

Then I turn my head to Harry who I notice has been watching me the whole time.

'What?' I mouth

He shrugs and keeps on staring.

I turn to the front of the room to look on the board, and escape from those beautiful, green eyes. I still feel his stare on me. I shift uncomfortably in my seat and listen to Mrs.Henry as she starts her lesson.

*half way through class*


Someone just threw a pencil at me.

I look around to see who done it.

I first look to Harry but he's paying attention to the board.

Who done that?

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