Highschool would a whole lot easier if you didn't have 5 totally different guys chasing after you. Especially when they basically all hate each other. When your a freshman it's your year to make and lose friendships that will last for four years. No pressure.


2. first period.

I step out of my moms car and wave goodbye.

My style is waaaayyy different from these kids.


The girls walk in with their short skirts and dresses, and way to fancy of shoes for just a school day.

The guys are very different from the girls. They are very diverse and have many different styles.

And then there's me.

My black skinny jeans, red Chuck Taylor's, and my black Ninja Turtles hoodie. I mean I could dress up if I wanted, but it just not my personality. I'm more laid back, rather than caring about looking good for someone else!


Looks like I'll have to find a guy that dresses sort of like me. Or I could just look for a cute guy. I mean from the looks of it there's plenty!

I find myself staring at this school too long.

Might as well go solo and walk in.

I walk through two of four huge doors and walk into there lobby. I follow everyone else into what seems to be the gym.

Oh no.

I should have expected this, I really should have.


Already I see in the huge gym huddled of group of friends.

Might as well sit by the trash can Alex.

I sit down, and pull out my phone. I scroll through Instagram for entertainment since school doesn't start for 15 minutes.

I go on my camera and start to look at myself.

I don't look too bad today. Honestly this is a better day for me.

I jumped when I seen boy making faces into the camera! I jumped and accidentally took a photo.

"That's a good one!" He chuckles

"You scared me half to death!" I laugh, kind of embarrassed.

"So what's your name?"

"Alex, what about you?"

"I'm Louis," he reaches out to shake my hand, "your new here aren't you?"


"Your a freshman right?"


"Well don't sweat it, all of us freshman's are new here."

He has a point.

We on introducing ourselves for ten minute when two boys walk by. Louis seems to glare at them and they return it.

"Umm.. Sorry to interrupt but who are they?"

I ask out of curiously and also at the fact that they are very good looking! Louis' a nice kid though so if he doesn't like them I guess they're trouble.

"That's Zayn and Niall, Zayn's sort of a badass, or at least he thinks he is, and Niall. Well Niall basically follows him around so he won't get beat up."

"Oh." I reply right when the bell rings.

I start to get up but Louis grabs my shoulder and makes me sit down.

He whispers "the principal always make this speech when it's the first day, don't worry he'll give you a schedule of where to go."

I nod my head.

Our principals name is Mr.Carpenter and he's a rather hefty man. He goes on with his lecture of rules and expectations. Then. Finally. He dismissed the gym all but freshman so we can get our schedules. He calls us in alphabetical order. Dang it I'm Alex Monroe. A. At least I'll get it over with.

"Alex Monroe"

The gym silences by the sound of an un familiar name.

I stand up. My legs are slightly shaking but I think I'm the only one to notice. I walk to the middle of the gym and grab the piece of paper. As I walk away I hear a whistle. I look around to see a tall boy with curly hair wink at me. Huh. This might be a good day. He's dress sort of like me, Chuck Taylor's and skinny jeans anyway. He has a cut off Rolling Stones shirt on. I'm not sure if that's against the rules but dang it looks good! There's a boy sitting by him hitting him in the arm looking embarrassed, his hair is styled up and is dressed in skinny jeans and a black tee shirt. I just smile and keep walking. Louis dresses on the dressy side, but not too dressy. He plays it down a bit. I walk back to Louis and he says, "see, it's not so bad!"


About 20 minutes later I hear

"Harry Styles"

And see the gorgeous curly headed boy walk up and snatch they paper out of the principals hand. Well he might be rude but he's still cute. Then "Liam Payne" is called.

Harry's friend.

"Louis Tomlinson"

My buddy!

I soon hear "Niall Horan"

I see the Niall boy hastily walk up and gently get his paper.

He's Zayn's pet.

The last name is called and of course it's "Zayn Malik." He's not bad looking either. But he looks like trouble.

It's starting to be a good day.


We get dismissed and me and Louis start to walk to our first period. I have art and he has music. The classrooms are side by side but at the other end of the school.

As we walk I ask about the four boys I seen today. He starts with Harry.

"Harry and I know each other. You could say we are friends I guess. He's a cool guy. But back in eighth grade we done some crazy stuff. That's why Harry has a reputation for being a flirt or a man whore. And why we aren't close anymore."

I ask, "what happened??"

"Well I might as well tell you since your my only friend right now.

When we were in eighth grade me and Harry loved this one girl, Jessica. But Harry didn't know I like her. I helped Harry with her because I looked up to him. But that's besides the point. Anyway one night at a birthday party we played "seven minutes in heaven" and Harry of course got Jessica. When they went in there I got up and went to the bathroom. On the way there I tripped over one of our friends jackets and hit the side of the wall. When I did it left a HUGE hole in the wall. Everyone seen me. But everyone noticed through the hole you could see Harry and Jessica. Not doing very... Um.. Appropriate things. They didn't notice until everyone started laughing. Ever since then Harry and I haven't been too close."

"Wow" I say shocked that the guy I like the most out of the four was a whore.

"Is Harry still like that?"

"Thankfully no. He started to be a good kid after that. But Mr.Styles puts off that vibe that make people think he still does stuff like that."

"Good" I breath with relief.

"Wait! Do you like Harry??"


"Someone's got a crush!"

"Shut up Lou I don't even know him!"

"Whatever. See you after class!"

I didn't even notice we were at 10 feet from our classrooms.


I walk in class to see Niall sitting down at a table by himself.

I think I'll get acquainted with him.

I sit down next him.

Clearly were both early.

"Hello," I say, "I'm Alex."

"Niall" is all he says.

Well I guess that was a lost cause I just turn and stare at the wall.

"Your shy aren't you." He says

"Yeah how'd you guess?" I laugh.

"I am too, sorry if it's awkward sitting by me you don't have to.."

"No I want to! I'm pretty awkward too don't worry."

"We'll be awkward together." He says

"Sounds good!" I laugh.

Everyone else starts walking into class and the teacher begins to go over her rules.

Niall suddenly sits something on my lap. It's a note I open it and it says "why were you sitting w/ Louis?"

I turn over the note and write

"Is there something wrong with that?"

He reads it and starts to write.

"Nothing. Zayn just doesn't like him."

I get my own paper write

"Well are you Zayn?"

Nothing. No reply.

Why doesn't Zayn like Louis?

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