Soilder field


4. The Concert

Brandys P.O.V.

"Guys! Come on get in the limo!" I cheered. We are finally on our way to the One Direction concert. I received my degree in law and I am now a district attorney. Ashley owns a veterinarian hospital on the north side, and Emily is a professional artist. We ended up buying the apartment and now we all live together.

Once we arrived. We got out and walked to the front entrance. The concert doesn't start till seven. It is now 6:30 and people are arriving.

"WAIT FRONT ROW?" Emily screamed. We never looked where we were sitting until now? We are weird. Fangirling is an understatement to explain how we were acting.

"I lost my shoe!!" Ashley said. Only Ashley would do this. We went searching through the vast parking lot and found her other shoe. When we go to the entrance, there is at least a thousand fans there holding up 1D signs with "1D" plastered on there smiling faces.

One Direction music was playing in the background (of course). I put my coat on the seat and looked up at the stage. One Direction will be on this stage. I can"t believe I am really here. I have been a fan ever since Ashley introduced me to them. I believe it was beginning of summer '13. She calls me her "minion." These are the boys that changed my life. These are the boys who changed who I am. There music got me through all of the pain and the suffering she caused me. And now they are going to be less then 50 feet away from me. They have no clue how much of an impact they're music has made on me.

I hate it when people say, "oh, that band that sings WMYB. Gross." They just don't know. They haven't listened to all three albums. These boys mean the world to me, and they are less then five minutes away.

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