Soilder field


1. 9/29/14

Brandys P.O.V.

This is it. Emilys mom just purchased the tickets. They would be sent to us sometime next week. It was a cold October afternoon, and me and another friend were at Emily's house. It was the the three of us all the time. The three musketeers.

Emily Mahon has long, dirty blonde hair and beautiful hazel eyes. Me and her met back in sixth grade, and have been best friends ever since.

Ashley Dickerson is the other girl. She also has blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. We have been best friends since we were little.

"Do you realize we are going to a one direction concert?!?" I said. We have always dreamed of going. The three of us are seniors at Northwestern University in Chicago, and we have a week off of school. I turned 21 last month, and Ashley and Emily turn 21 in January. We came home to visit family. Emily's mom surprised us with the tickets.

"This is going to be amazing!!!!" Emily replied.

That night we slept on the couches. I had lots of trouble sleeping, like I usually do.

"Ashley? Are you awake?" I questioned.

"Yeah. You okay?"

"No.. I keep thinking about her. It has been six years. She'll be released from jail anytime now. I have watched her court case on TV. What if she tries to come find me?' Tears were forming in my eyes.

"She won't come I promise. No one will hurt you Brandy. Not with me and Emily around."

She hugged me and she fell asleep.


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