The Chemistry Teacher. -A Harry Styles fanfiction-

"I see the way all girls look at me. I'm not blind you know? And i also know what they talk about. I try to ignore them though." Mr. Styles says moving away a strand of hair from my face. My breathing increased as he gently pushed me against the wall, putting his hands on my waist. "But you, i can't ignore you."


3. 3.

Clara's POV; I pulled back breathlessly. "Okay let me go now before somebody else sees us." I said trying to push him off. "Oh come on babe." Daniel smirked. "Please. Let. Me. Go." I repeated. He rolled his eyes and took a step back. "You're so boring." He said. What the fuck? "wha? Me? Boring? So what the hell am i suppose to do if you're like against me when there are teachers in this floor?" I got mad this time. He can't just call me boring for nothing. "Yeah well whatever i don't see any teachers here?" He said, just when Mrs. Jules walked by. I gave him a look and started walking away. "Oh don't you walk away from me." He said and pulled me back from my hand. "I have class." I said. "I thought you were bunking for me?" He smirked. "Well i wanna go to class? Let me go." I said again. "What if i don't?" "Clara." Someone said and i gasped while Dan let go of me quickly. "Maria?" I asked with my eyebrows raised. Maria's pretty much a nerd, and she's also a Junior. " Ms Jane, sent me to bring you to her office." Oh shit. Not her again. "I'll see you later." Daniel said before walking away really fast. Oh so now he just leaves while i get in trouble? Great. "Come on.." Maria said. I sometimes feel bad for this kid. She's 15, with a braid, and big nerd classes. She's actually a good person at heart, but still, nerd. I went to Jane's office with her. "Thank you maria, you may go back now. Sit down Clara." I nodded and sat down, while Maria went away closing the door. "You know, you shouldn't have your boyfriend stuck against you in the corner of your school. There are many teachers walking around here." How did she know about Dan being my boyfriend? I kept quiet and looked down. "I'm nothing Clara. But if someone else catches you, you'll be in serious trouble. And if someone sees what just happened over there, your boyfriend would be sitting in the Principal's office." I nodded. "Go now. Be careful next time." I mumbled thanks and got up, walking away really quick. "I can't go to class now, i can't walk around school now, i can't go into a random room. 20 minutes left until the next bell rings. I can't go to the library even. Where should i go now? "Clara?" I heard another voice. A familiar guy's voice. Like, the most perfect voice. I gulped and turned around.... MR. STYLES. " was about to go to the library...i'm not bunking.." He chuckled and gave me a look. "Seriously? I know you're bunking. I'm not stupid." I sighed. Caught again. But it's him this time so i don't really mind like.. "Please don't tell the principal. I'll get a disipline slip this time." He raised his eyebrow. "Okay, but i can give you detention right?" I looked down and nodded. "But i you already gave me detention, 30 minutes. Double detention?" I frowned. "Yes." He took out a piece of paper and wrote double detention. He handed it to me and smiled. Dimples. Dimples. Dimples. "Thanks.." I said without realizing what I'm saying. "Thanks?" he asked. I blinked and looked at him. 'What?" I asked. "You just thanked me for giving you a detention card.." He said. "oh..did i?" He laughed. "You know you can go to the locker room to hide for the remaining 10 minutes?" He said. WHY DIDN'T I- oh god i'm stupid. "Oh yeahhhh! Thanks." i laughed slightly. He smirked and walked away to the other hall. Did he just smirk at me? Did he just do that? I went to the lockers room and sat there thinking. He smirked at me. His smirk. I mean, oh god- he.. I I smiled to myself, looking at the clock. Bell's about to ring any time.

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