One Less Lonely Girl

Alexis has always been a fan of Justin. Then, one day when she's at his concert with her friend she gets the opportunity of a lifetime, and some other surprises that come along to.


3. The Date

When I got downstairs, I noticed that Justin was waiting for me. He looked so handsome. He was wearing a black shirt, black blazer, black pants, and some black shoes. I was wearing a white dress with some sandals. "Wow you look beautiful!" Justin said. "And you, look very handsome yourself." I said. Once outside, we walked to a restaurant called 11Mare. Once there I ordered the seafood pasta and Justin got the steak. "So" Justin said,"Tell me about yourself Alexis." "Well, my favorite color's purple, I like to watch movies such as, your movie Never Say Never, The SisterHood of the Traveling Pants, movies like that. Tell me about you Justin." "Well, also like you my favorite color is also purple, the movies I like to watch depend. If I'm on a date I like to watch scary movies, when I'm with my little brother and sister, we like to watch happy movies. I also have a dog in Canada, his name is, Sammy." Right after Justin said that, our food came. We both talked and had a good time.

Justin's P.O.V.

When we had finished dinner I noticed that Alexis was getting something out of her purse. " Hey, what are you doing?" " I was just going to pay for my meal" Alexis said. "No, when you are on a date with me you NEVER have to pay." I don't allow girls to pay for things, I pay for them:)

Alexis P.O.V.

I thought it was very sweet how Justin wouldn't let me pay for my dinner, most guys that I've been on a date with will have me pay for me and them. Justin wasn't those snobby other guys, he was a real gentleman. That's what I liked about him.After the date, we had started walking back to my hotel.

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