One Less Lonely Girl

Alexis has always been a fan of Justin. Then, one day when she's at his concert with her friend she gets the opportunity of a lifetime, and some other surprises that come along to.


2. The Concert

"FINALLY!!" Samantha and I said as we were pulling up to our hotel right across the Staples Center. "Girls, get your stuff and wait by the check-in desk" my mom said. When we got to the check-in desk a lady greeted us and asked if we were going to Justin's concert. "How did you know?" Samantha said " I can tell because you girls wrote I love Justin Bieber on your car." "Oh" we thought. Once we got our keys to our room, we were about to run upstairs until my mom said, "I'll meet you girls upstairs in 20 minutes, go get ready." Once we got to our room, we started getting ready. I started to hear next door someone humming, singing, something like that. "Hey, Samantha" I said " SHHH listen" we heard a boy singing. He sounded really good. "Alright, good warm-up man" we heard,"Anytime Usher". DID HE JUST SAY USHER!!!!! "And JB, make sure to be at the staples center by 5 ok" "ok man". OMG WE HAD A ROOM RIGHT NEXT TO USHER AND JUSTIN BIEBER. Once we heard that, Samantha took my hand."Where are we going?" I asked. "I'm taking you next door so you can meet Justin, I know you love him so much because you talk about him at school all the time." Once Samantha knocked on the door I started getting nervous yet excited. "Hi" Justin said. "Hi Justin, my name's Samantha and this is Alexis, she is a HUGE fan of you and she was wondering if she could get a picture with you?" "Of course sweetheart" he said. "Hey, are you guys coming to my concert tonight?" "Yeah!" We both said. "Are you those girls who wrote I love Justin Bieber on their car?" "Yeeeeeah" I said shyly. "I thought I was really cute:)" Justin said. "Thanks". "Hey for my concert tonight where are you guys sitting?" "In the middle" we said. "Ok thanks" "Hey, I gotta get to the Staples Center now, it was really nice meeting you girls.I'll see you tonight!" "Bye Justin" we both said "Bye Alexis and Samantha see you tonight!

A few hours later:

" I can't wait! We're going to go see Justin!" I said to Samantha as we were just leaving. " I wonder why he asked where we were sitting?" said Samantha. When we got to the Staples Center I was really excited. I got one of Justin's books and Samantha got a hat. "Do you like my hat?" "Of course I love your hat!" Once we got in where Justin was performing, we were talking to other Beliebers about Justin. We told them that we actually met him today. "NO WAY" they said. "YES WAY!" The concert soon started with Carly Rae Jepson opening up for him. We danced to all her songs, my favorite was Call Me Mabey! "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me mabey!" Once she finished I was a little sad because she was really good but then, I cheered up right away when Justin came out! "OMG!!" Samantha said. Justin performed songs like: All Around The World, Beauty and A Beat, and Boyfriend. We were having so much fun! He then started singing One Less Lonely Girl. I noticed then, that Samantha got a tap on the shoulder, it was Allison." Do you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl?" she asked. "YES!!" she said. "Wait, Allison" "Yeah?" "Can you pick my friend right there, she's been a fan of Justin since 2009 and it's been her dream to be Justin's One Less Lonely Girl?" I then felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Allison. "Do you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl?" "Samantha I thought you were going to be the One Less Lonely Girl?" I said. "I was but I knew that you had wanted to be the One Less Lonely Girl for a long time now." Next thing I knew was that Allison was taking me to go on stage. We were talking as we were heading towards the stage. "So Alexis, I heard that you've ben a fan of Justin since 2009" "yeah" I said " What's your favorite thing about Justin?" " I love how he sings but also the kind heart he has." I got so into taking to Allison about Justin that next I knew was that I was about to go on stage. One of the dancers gave me his hand, and I took it. I was lead to the stage, seeing Justin singing to me. He lead me to the One Less Lonely Girl chair holding my hand the entire time. He put flower crown on my head, all I was thinking was about Justin and how can anything get better than this? Once the song finished he said"Everyone give it up for Alexis!" He took my hand leading me backstage."Hey" Justin said. "Your the girl who I met today!" I could tell that he was happy. "I don't know if you'd want to but I was thinking since your really cute, I was hoping after my concert to take you out on a date?" "Sure" I said, "Good:)" Meet me in the lobby after the concert at about 10:15" "okay, see you then". After I talked with Justin, I went back to my seat, I then heard him say that he only had one more song to perform. We were all sad. His last song was Believe. "Just remember, no matter how hard things get, everything's going to be alright, believe in yourself, believe anything you can do if you set your mind to it" he said. Once he finished the song and the concert was over we headed back to our hotel. "Hey, I have to meet someone in about 15 minutes." I said. "Who are you meeting?" Samantha asked. "Someone" I said. "Come on you can tell me I can keep a secret." "Fine! I'm meeting Justin" "OMG! Where are you going with him?" She asked. "I'm not sure".

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