One Less Lonely Girl

Alexis has always been a fan of Justin. Then, one day when she's at his concert with her friend she gets the opportunity of a lifetime, and some other surprises that come along to.


5. It's Official!

The Next Day (Alexis's P.O.V.)

Samantha never responded to my text after last night. I started wondering what she was going to do, it sounded like she wanted Justin and I together because I kinda told her I liked him. What if Justin didn't like me back? A couple minutes later I got a text from Justin.


HeyAlexis, I'm outside your hotel can you meet me down here?



I wondered why Justin needed to meet me downstairs? Was he mad at me about something?

When I walked outside I saw Justin, he was so cute, he was wearing a tan jacket, a red Bennie hat, red pants and a scarf.

"Hi Justin"

"Hi Alexis"

"Do you mind taking a walk with me I need to tell you something"(Justin)


As we were walking I started to get nervous. Did he not like me, Did he just see me as a friend? I hoped he felt the same way that I feel about him. As we were walking, Justin sat me on a bench holding my hand.

Justin: So Alexis, I know I just met you but I need to tell you something because it bothers me everyday and night if I don't tell you.

Alexis: What is is Justin, did I do something wrong?

Justin: No, I just wanted to tell you that I like you a lot. I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?

Alexis: Of Course I would:)

(Justin's P.O.V.)

With what Alexis just said, I was so happy that I picked her up,and spinned her around! I finally had my whole world in my arms, and she's all mine!

"So Alexis I was wondering would you like me to take you on our first official date as boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Alexis: I would love that

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