Its complicated

Its hard moving schools but especially when your ex is there and you like his bestmate! This is a battle for love and effection! But who will alex choose?


1. Moving

"Do we have to move mum?"

"Yes I'm afraid so sweetie" Alex jackson a 16 year old girl is moving schools to Holmes chapel with her single mum as she has a new job. Alex has lost all her friends in he previous school and has nothing now until she starts at Holmes Chapel high school. "Say goodbye to our house"

"Bye" Alex walks slowly out of the door unhappily.

"Don't worry about it, you will find loads of friends and hopefully a boy as you are very pretty!"

"MUM!" As they got into the car they settled down as it is a very long journey from London.

They safely arrive in their new home and start to unpack their boxes. Alex goes upstairs to get new room and is amazed at how big it is! As she starts to unpack her things she lifted out a photo of her and harry her ex boyfriend who also moved to Holmes chapel last year! She doesn't know why shes still got the photo, i suppose its a memory!

"Im just nipping out to get your new uniform!" Shouted Jayne, Alex's mum. Alex's settles down on her bed and waits till her mum arrived home so she can go to sleep. *receives text message*

'I miss you'

"What, what is this?" She said. The text message was from harry, do they still love each other?! Jayne is now at home and Alex runs down stairs to tell her mum what harry said as Alex tells her mum everything. She was as shocked as Alex was with the un coincidental message.

"What do i say?!"

"Just leave it till tomorrow when you see him sweetie, look at your uniform!" Its a grey blazer, a white shirt, and a knee high grey skirt to match with a clip on tie. "Ugh, what is this?!" Alex is very unhappy about her new uniform. " oh cmon its not that bad!" Says Jayne. Alex hangs her uniform up upstairs and gets into bed and cant stop thinking about harry. She tosses and turns until eventually she drifted to sleep.

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