Its complicated

Its hard moving schools but especially when your ex is there and you like his bestmate! This is a battle for love and effection! But who will alex choose?


3. Day 2- decisions...

Woke up this morning feeling fresh and ready to see what the day brings! Last night it was harry harry harry i just couldn't stop thinking about him again! Do i still have something for him?

"Oh hey lauren!" I said as i entered school once again. And there was harry smiling at me with his friend. They started walking towards me and i started to walk towards them "hiya Alex fancy coming out with us tonight?" I was just asked to go out with them, with him! This is my chance! Wait, alright then i do like him who wouldn't with his curly hair and green eyes, i miss what we had what we could have now! So obviously i said yes considering my mum said yes which hopefully i was thinking she would. Lesson by lesson i could picture him in my mind, me and him holding hands, side by side what couldn't be better! But then i had some sort of turn and pictured me and i think his names zayn doing the exact same thing. Who do i like? Who do i choose? What do i do? The way zayn looked at me today was the exact same way harry did! Do they both like me? Oh I've got myself into a right muddle! But lets just see what happens tonight of it all goes to plan. Last lesson i had a free period which means you still have to stay in school but its just like free time and time to study. But no i didn't want to do that i wanted to go to speak to harry and zayn one at a time, alone. But could i admit my feelings for BOTH of them? Well i didnt let my nerves and shyness put me down, i saw harry in the school library with zayn so i walked slowly up to them and i did it i asked harry " can i just speak to you for a minute please?" He actually said yes, i was ready for this. " Well the thing is harry, i still have erm, erm, you know, erm" i was so scared to admit it but i thought cmon Alex just do it! "I still have feelings for you" there i did it, i actually did it but surprisingly harry said " thank god you said that Alex because now i feel more confident to tell you i have feelings for you too!" What? He likes me, i knew it, i just knew it! At this exact moment his lips were pouting and moving closer to me. And it just happened! Yes as you probably have guessed we kissed! I felt the vibe, the tension between us, it was just like we used to be. "So does this mean were like going out?" I asked harry. He smiled and we kissed again so i took it as a yes.

Well that was how i ended the day it was just amazing i loved every second of that moment between us! Anyway harry just left my house as i needed to introduce him to my mum once again and tell her the, i suppose, good news! She was just as happy as i was as she likes harry! Whilst harry was here we just talked and cuddled and everything just felt perfect.

My phone just rang and it was an unknown number so i was a bit worried who it was, but i answered it anyway. "Hiya Alex its a boy who you know and i just wanted to tell you i love you and i am jealous of what you and harry have!" I was stunned, who was this? It cant be harry because i have his number and he wouldn't be jealous of what we have. It just doesn't make sense. Also this unknown boy said i know him, i don't know many boys yet only harry and za... No it cant be! Well i guessed it was him! But i cant say i have feelings for him because I'm dating harry and thats not right! But truth is i do like him a bit but i love harry and they both have a place in my heart. But who will i choose? Decisions...

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