Only time will tell

Kristin, Hazel and April have been best friends for as long as they can remember, they have stuck by each other through ever thing. Hazel and April start to rebel against their parents and soon get chucked out of their house, they move to another area and bring Kristin with them. Homeless and alone they have to rely on getting boyfriends to get food and places to stay. On one occasion they bump into One Direction what will happen? 'Only time will tell...'


2. Change

We stood in front of the hairdressers like we do every time we have to move. I suppose you could say we change our identity, but really we just dye our hair so if x-boyfriends see us they hopefully won’t recognise us. I had light brown, straight hair at the moment; it had gone from blonde to red to brown and many other colours. They were always natural colours, maybe I’ll dye it an unnatural colour this time.

“What are you having done?” The hairdresser asked me as I sat down on the chair in front of a mirror.  I bit my lip in concentration.

“Dye it... light pink and... make it wavy.” I answered and she nodded, getting to work on my new look. Around an hour later she had finished. 

“Ready?” she asked looking at me in the mirror. I nodded and she un-wrapped the towel on my head.

“Wow!” I gasped, I looked so different. I loved it!

“Thank you!” Standing up I put my flower crown on and went to find the others. They were paying at the desk both slightly leaning over it, in deep conversation with the lady behind it. Hazel’s hair was dirty blonde

and April’s hair was dark purple.

“Hey!” I called to them, when they turned to face me their mouths flew open. As I was an awkward person I just stood there and waved slightly. Did I look bad?

“Kristin?” They asked in sync. I nodded and started to laugh.

“You look amazing!” April told me. “So different.” We smiled at each other.

“We need to go” Hazel told us looking outside. I followed her gaze to see the sun beginning to set. With nowhere to stay, I had no idea where we would be sleeping tonight. Hazel came and took my hand in hers, giving me a reassuring look before we all three walked out the door into the street. It is quite warm outside for England, all three of us in shorts, tops and sandals. All our tastes in clothing were completely different; Hazel likes plain-ish clothing so was wearing a plain white vest top with light blue jean shorts and light brown sandals, April likes more dark colours so was wearing dark blue jean shorts with a black bat man logo top and plain black dolly shoes, I like colourful and cute clothing so I was wearing light blue jean shorts with a white top that said ‘You only live once’ and bright pink vans.

“Where are we staying tonight?” I asked no one in particular, I just wanted an answer. No one answered and I began to get worried. We took one last turn to be faced with the sight of a run down, probably haunted, house. "Here?" My eyes widened as Hazel nodded her head. Turning back to the house I tried to find a positive thing about staying here. Nothing. Walls were broken and crumbling, some were patched up with a few pieces of wood. Windows were smashed, I couldn't see one which wasn't. The door was falling off its hinges slightly. Who knew what was behind the door... My thoughts were interrupted by Hazel knocking loudly on the door. Light footsteps were heard after a minute and the door was opened a fraction more to show a dark figure behind it. The figure stepped forward into the light the sunset gave us, a green and black haired girl with multiple piercings on her face was what I saw. She turned her head slightly to the side.

"Hazel?" She asked, I was shocked she knew her name. I turned to Hazel to see her nod. "I haven't seen you in ages!" The girl reached and gave Hazel a hug like she had known her forever. For all I know she could have. "Let me guess, you want to stay for the night?" She asked once she had pulled away. Hazel nods again. "All three?" another nod. "...Come in..." As me and April follow Hazel in the girl, whom I still don't know the name of, stared us up and down with hatred in her eyes. Great, that's all I need...

The rooms were bare nothing but wood and broken glass bottles, the one we walked into had a few blankets and pillows. Three other people were sitting in the room to staring at nothing in particular, one boy and two girls. They reminded me of when Bella first sees the Cullen in Twilight. Kind of scary but so beautiful at the same time. One girl had entirely light green hair that she wore sunglasses on top of for some reason (even though we were inside) she had a tattoo sleeve on her right arm and I couldn't help but stare. Another had mousy brown hair with green dip dye, her lip was pierced and like all of them was wearing completely black clothing. The boy was the only one who didn't have green in his hair, it was black with a little bit of blonde around his left ear, his lip was pierced and his ears were stretched, both his arms were covered in tattoos. We probably looked so innocent compared to them.

"This is Daniel," she pointed to the boy who looked up nodded and looked away again "Evie," she pointed at the green haired girl who again looked up nodded and looked away again "Grace," She pointed to the mousey brown/green haired one who again looked up nodded and looked away again. "And I'm Isabella." Finally a name to put to her face. "Now follow me." She demanded and walked out of the room, we followed her of cause and were lead into the room next door. "This is where you'll stay, hope you have blankets cause we don't have any spare." Hazel nodded. I kind of got a hint that Hazel was actually scared of Isabella."

"Thank you" Hazel, April and I said in union.

***5 hours later***

Me, Hazel and April were lying alone in this room that could fall down any minute trying to sleep. Now I don't know if you've ever tried it but it is really hard to do. Suddenly Hazel got up and walked towards the door lent against the wall and got out her phone that one of her boyfriends had got her. She quickly typed in a number and put the phone to her ear.

"Hi Alfie?" pause "Yer its Hazel..." She then turned her back and whispered her words so me and April couldn't hear. A few minutes later I fell asleep.

Sorry I have taken so long to update but I have had a lot going on so yer sorry about that hope this chapter is ok, will update soon I promise.

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