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6. The band.

I was walking home from the shops (I didn't buy anything), it was quiet late, 9pm.

My thoughts are all tangled, I think that Jordyn used to hang out with the R boys maybe... They seem to have known each other long, maybe they were once friends?

But if they used to be friends.. Why did he split from them?

The moon's light reflected on my face.

I saw a figure.. A human shape.

My pace of my steps began to fasten, my breathing was becoming slower and heavier. Why was I so worried? I looked back to see if anything was there, there wasn't.

I turned my head around, and I saw this huge figure looking down at me.

I gasped and I went to make a run for it, but before I could, this figure grabbed my wrist and pinned me to the wall. I yelped out in pain.

"BOO!" The guy (guessing by his low voice) chuckled.

What a bastard.

I thought to myself. How dare he throw me to the wall and 'laugh'!

"GET OFF ME!" I screamed.

"Chill! It's only me Nikki!"

Oh. It was Jordyn. *note sarcasm*

"Why the hell would you scare me like that?!" I said angrily.

"Well.. Since it was the weekend I thought I would come to yours and we could watch movies together and 'stuff'..." He had to emphasise 'stuff' that pervert. It made me laugh, he actually thought I would do 'stuff' with him! He's got another thing coming..

"Well.. Since you're here, and were nearly at my place. I guess I have no choice." I sighed.


We got to the front door and we made our way to the kitchen.

My mom wasn't home as she was working at Miami for a bit.

I got out most of the snacks I could find, and I let Jordyn choose what movie he wanted to watch.

He chose 'Paranormal Activity'. Greaaatt-.-

I'm no good with scary movies, why did he choose it?! I'm not scared.. Pffftt/.<

We went over by the sofa-bed, and I distanced myself from him. But he just nudged next to me more. I was so uncomfortable, I didn't know what to do...

I put the popcorn bowl in between us, at least we weren't exactly touching.

"I'm not going to bite you know." Jordyn chuckled.

"You sure about that?" I joked.

He chuckled with me too.

"Funny, boo." He said sarcastically.

"I'm not your boo." I poked my tongue out.

"Not yet." He joked.

We sat there smiling like goods for a few seconds until...

"AHHH" {The girl on the tv screams}

I jumped from my seat, and I buried my head into Jordyn's chest.

I could feel him laughing. That bastard. He's doing this on purpose-.-

"Don't worry I've got you!" Jordyn said.

"Shutup." I growled.

"Calm down princess."

We carried on watching the movie.

I didn't realise but I was tension throughout the whole movie. I could feel him staring at me.. Wa-Was he checking me out?!?!

Haha, no. We're just best friends.. Right?


{After movie}

"Hey Jordyn... I have something to ask!"

"Okay.." He looked abit nervous.

"Why are you and the R boys enemies?" I asked with no regret. At least I hope I did.

"Well... It's a long story but here it goes...

When we started high school, we were a band and we were very popular with the girls especially, we would have girlfriends every week. And then one day, one of the guys- Mike, said he used a few of them for sex. And he said we should try it too, all the others were unsure but they went along with if apart from me. I was furious, how can you use someone then drop them the next day? It's like picking up a rock and throwing the rock back. I just didn't see the point of it. So, we had a huge argument about it, I was telling him he was a player and a man-Whore. Then I decided to quit the band and then later ok, they all didn't want to play as a band anymore but decided to remain buddies. All apart from me. We went our separate ways, and I still don't forgive Mike for what he had done."

There was silence for a couple of seconds, I was speechless, I had no idea.

"Oh...." Was all I managed to say.

"Yeah... So um, how about we go to sleep now? It's pretty late." Jordyn said changing the subject.

"Yeah." I agreed with him.

"Let's just sleep on here, I mean, it's like a bed too anyway haha!" Jordyn said.

We both were opposite ends, this was definitely awkward...


I AM SOOOO SORRY for not not updating for a WHOLE month! I've been SUPER busy! But I promise that I'm trying to update lots and lots❤️

Thankyou for reading!

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