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4. Stay


So Jordyn is mad at me because the R boys (that what I call them now) have invited me to a party. A house party.

Why is he mad? Because I didn't stay away from them?

They're not that bad..

"I'm going with you, to the party." Jordyn said with no tone in his voice. We stood there looking at each other. Not in a romantic way, but in a cold way. There was nothing. I could tell he was being serious now.

"Ok.." That was all I had managed to say. Why am I like this? I'm not afraid of him.. Or at least I think not.


"Yay!" I screeched.

"We're finally here!" I'm said running out of the car. This is my first time, I might be abit excited...

I felt hands grab my wrist, hard.

"Ow!" I said looking back.

"Stay close to me. Don't wonder off. Especially with the R boys!" He said sternly.

"You don't own me!" I said nudging him off. I felt a bit bad but I have my rights.

We got in there, there were loads of drunk teenagers. It smelt of alcohol and piss.

"Hey Nikki!" The R boys cheered at me. I blushed a little.

"Hey guys!"

"C'mon, we will show you around!" I got dragged away by them leaving Jordyn behind in the crowd. I lost him. I couldn't see him!

"Just wait here and we will get you a drink." The R boys said to me.

"Matt you stay here and keep an eye on her in case she gets into trouble!" Jack said.

"Yeah ok!" Matt gave me a wink. I got butterflies in my stomach. Wait, what?! I don't like Matt.. He kissed me and I didn't like it! Did I?..

I got pulled away, but it wasn't Matt. They grabbed me by the arm hard and chucked me into a dark room.

"Jordyn?.." The guy turned on a lamp.

It wasn't Jordyn.

Before I could say anything he grabbed my neck and pulled my closer, he began to kiss me. Then he slipped his tongue into my mouth.

I tried to turn away, but I couldn't. He got off me and started stripping.. I got up and ran for the door.

But he grabbed me before I could open it.

"AHHH LET GO OF ME!!!" I screamed.

He pulled down my laced pants.

"No, no please don't!" I started crying.

Then I heard a thus against the door. It burst open!

"NIKKI!" I felt the weight come off me, and a loud crack. It was Jordyn and Matt.

"are you ok?!" Matt asked holding me in his arms carrying me outside.

"Y-yeah I-I guess.." I was still in shock.

"I will take her now." Jordyn carried me to the car, gently putting me down.


He put me down on my bed.

"Jordyn wait." I said grabbing into his t-shirt.

"Stay with me." I sniffled.

"I'm scared." I whispered.

He stripped into his boxers.

"This is how I sleep." He have a cheesy smile.

He climbed into bed with me, I could feel his warmth against my body. I could feel his heart beat like crazy. His breath down my neck.

I closed my eyes.

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