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8. out

I know this sounds crazy, but I really, really like Jordyn. Even though we've only known each other for about 2 months now..

But we aren't going out yet. I don't want to sound desperate, but I want him to ask me out. But now that I think about it, now isn't the right time.

He has to leave the city for a few days as his grandfather has died, so he is going to his funeral and comforting his family in their grief.

I waved Jordyn goodbye.

The R boys haven't been near me lately which is good, but now that Jordyn's gone, who will be there for me?

*Next day*

UGHHH. Monday.

I got up and decided to curl my hair with a side fringe. Perfect!

My outfit wasn't the most trendiest of all clothes, but I like them. I wore a pair of Jordan's, with shorts {black high waisted} with a blue and white striped top. I tucked it in. It looked cute, just perfect!

I put on some eyeliner to define my eyes, and red lipstick (faintly).

**At School**

"Nikki!" I hear someone shout.

It was my bestfriend, Sofia.

"Sofia!" I smile and wave. I shuffle towards her.

"You look so pretty today!" Sofia hugged me,

"Thanks" I gave her a smile.

I turned my attention to a bunch of girls screeching (like fan girls), at the R boys.

They started walking towards me, I got death stares by the girls.

"What do you want." I grunted to them.

"Where's your 'lover' boy, Jordyn?" They said mockingly.

"None of your business."

"Since he's not here, your mine!" Matt said putting his arm around me.

"Ugh, No. You don't own me." I shrugged Matt's arm off my shoulder.

"Whatever." He grunts and walks off with his groupie.

"Ohh I think he's mad!" Sofia gasped.

"Ew no! I'm just another girl that they want to fuck." I rolled my eyes,

"Hmm not too sure about that!" Sofia winked,

We laughed and walked out of school.




My phone vibrated, it woke me up!

I groaned and shuffled around for my phone, and found it hiding underneath me.

I saw Sofia's ID, something must be up.

(s=Sofia Me:=Nikita)

S: Hey girl! Coming to the party tonight?;)

Me: nah, too lazy! Plz don't make mee :3

S: I can't go on my own! Plus Chris is going to be there!

Me: ugh fine, but I need help with makeup and dresses!

S: okay :) see you in two hours:*


So Chris is Sofia's crush, they're really good friends, I don't know why he hasn't asked her out yet, maybe he doesn't want to ruin their friendship?

I don't really have an actual crush, but I do have something there for Jordyn, but u know it's not going to happen, so I don't really have one...

I groaned and got out of bed, I had a shower, and ate breakfast.

*Beep beep*

S: be at urs in 10mins:)

Me: Mkay


*Knock knock*

"Hey girl!" Sofia screamed, as she ran in letting herself in.

"Hey Sofia!" I chuckled.

"You should really lock your doors.." She put down her stuff.

"Too lazy!" We chuckled.

We got all Sofia's and my dresses out, and we decided to pick outfits for eachother, we had to blind fold each other each time.

I chose Sofia's for her first.

I picked up a navy blue short dress. It matched her perfectly! Sofia has light skin, and dirty blonde hair, and blur eyes, so the colour outlined her features better.

Luckily she liked it - infact, she loved it!

It was my turn, and then after at least 15 minutes, Sofia chose one for me.

I took off the blind fold and my dress was black and short, and laced. She said it complimented the curve of my ass, which I guess is good!

I done simple makeup but with more eyeliner and mascara, I put on nude lip colour, which complimented my cheekbones. I decided to straighten my hair, and finally I was done!

It was finally time to go.

"Can't wait!!" Sofia shouted.

"Same! But I'm nervous" I don't really like parties

"Don't be, you look stunning trust me!" Sofia reassured me.

We entered the building and the smell of alcohol hits me.

"I'll see you in a bit, Chris is over there!" Sofia ran off before I could say anything.

This is why I don't like parties.

I struggled my way to the kitchen where it was not as crowded.

I flopped down on a chair, not knowing what to do.

From the corner of my eye, I saw someone staring at me.

"Hey beautiful" the guy said.

I just say there.

"Here, have this." He handed me a beer.

"Um, no thanks.."

"No, take it! Have some fun!" He interrupted me.

Maybe this will stop me from thinking about Jordyn.. I'm confused about my feelings for him...

"Fine" I gave in.

I must of had about 5 beers, and then I was dancing.

The same guy started grinding behind me, I just copied his moves.

"I didn't catch your name sexy." Yes. I was definitely drunk, I called him sexy.

"Carter, how about you?" He gave me a devilish smile.

"I'm Nikki" I slurped.

I started to walk upstairs, to find a bathroom, I said to carter I'll just be a minute.

I bumped into a blonde girl, and I fell over.

"watch where you're going bitch! I could have fell over!" She snarled at me.

I got up.

"Here, let me make you fall over bitch!" I pushed her, but she did not fall.

She pushed me back,

"How dare you touch me, slut!" I growled.

She was wearing booty shorts, and a top too small for her.

"Excuse me? You don't answer back, I'm the top person here."

"You? The top? Haha, oh my, you do make me laugh!" She pushed me over, and I grabbed her hair.

We tumbled down the stairs, she got on top of me, and tries to punch my face but I dodged.

By now, people were screaming and shouting 'fight' and shit,

I flipped us over so I was on top of her, and I punched her once, and then I went to the second time but someone grabbed me.

I screamed telling them to let me go, I wanted to win this fight with this bitch who seems to think she's number one.

I got say down my someone, on the grass.

"Carter?" I said surprisingly.

"Why did you do that? That bitch, I could've won, I could've taken HER down!" I screamed.

"Shutup, and be thankful I saved your ass." He said bluntly.

I looked at him confused.

"I don't want to see you get hurt, now come one lets get you home, you're drunk." He picked me up bridal style as I couldn't walk straight.

The next thing I remember is everything blacked out..


**Authors note**

Hey guys! Hope you like the update, I've got a twist in the story for you soon!

Let's try 1 comment and 1 like for the next chapter!:)


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